Justin Turner brought an MRI to an injured ankle


The Los Angeles Dodgers left on Monday to believe that Justin Turner would leave his ankle discomfort, which ended Sunday. Two days later, the pain has not gone away and Turner has not played. Turner was not online Tuesday against the Baltimore Orioles and he was not there again Wednesday.

Rather, it is a matter of concern that Turner must carry out an MRI examination to ensure that there is no structural damage after X-rays taken in Los Angeles Sunday to be “insecure,” according to manager Dodgers Dave. Roberts.

“So it must be accepted as a good thing,” said Roberts. “But usually it doesn't feel right.”

Roberts said that Turner would do the MRI test on Wednesday or Thursday morning. He also said that he was not “very worried” about the situation of the third coin.

“If an incident happened, there might be more (concerned) there, but he can't say again what caused the discomfort when he woke up in the morning a few days ago with the worry, ' Roberts said. “So, only true type (need) to gather more information. But, now, where we are, to make sense, there is no sense with it. ”

The Turner played 34 years of age from Saturday. He was tearing from the beginning of August, batting .302 with 11 home runs and a .985 percentage on the base-slugging in 31 game. The power boom left Turner home running until 27, which began a career in 2016.

Ryu to start Saturday

Roberts announced that Hyun-Jin Ryu, who had the rotation from him in the initial schedule, was scheduled to make his first Saturday start against The New York Mets. Clayton Kershaw will open the Friday series on Friday and Walker Buehler will be present at Sunday's weekend.

Roberts said that Ryu worked on making mechanical adjustments since he was on the latest rough tour, September 4 against the Colorado Rockies. The left person left a rare session on Tuesday at Oriole Park at Camden Yards trying to fine tune its delivery and the best order that the authority gave him ahead of his first 22 start.

Hyun-Jin Ryu Starter Dodgers delivers against the Washington Nationals on 26 July.

Hyun-Jin Ryu Starter Dodgers delivers against the Washington Nationals on 26 July.

(Getty Images)

Ryu emerged from its 22nd start with an average 1.45 earned. Since then, it allowed 17 runs in 13 1/3 innings (11.48 ERA) over three starts. Colleagues bathed on .391 with 1.091 OPS against him in the three times. The Dodgers then decided the 32-year-old Ryu to temporarily remove from rotation to cope with any fatigue issues that might be there. Ryu after 161 has 2/3 instrumentation to log this season, its most since 2014.

“There is something to change just up to three inches than usual and at a great level of the league, that is a great deal of discussion,” said Roberts. “Your quick machine is 3 inches out of the plate, this is a big deal. … It's not a velocity. It's not a stuff. It's just an execution thing. ”

Max Muncy to come out of the injured list

Max Muncy is scheduled to meet the Dodgers in New York and resign from the injured list on Friday to play against the New York Mets. The infielder broke his wrist when August 28 park hit it against San Diego Padres.

Roberts said that Muncy was at the Dodgers spring training facility in Arizona and began to meet live this week.

“I think, as I heard, he met three homers today,” said Roberts. “So I don't know how many bats he took, but that is a good sign so I look forward to getting it back.”


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