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Kathy Gillcrist’s story

Kathy GillcristAt the age of 60, he decided to reveal the strongest unknown in his life – the identity of his biological parents. At that time, he was not only unaware that his very few chances and data would bear good results. Nor did he imagine that his find would go much further than he predicted.

Kathy she knew from her earliest years that she was adopted. His foster family consisted of the marriage of Norma y Jack Sidebottom And his brother John, a few years older than her and also welcomed.

His childhood was spent outside of Boston, in a peaceful environment. According to her, her parents were very calm and with a positive sense of humor.

Kathy Gillcrist was able to close the story of her life three years ago AFP Photo.

In contrast to that calm Kathy, it is pure energy. It was the noisiest in the house and the most overwhelming. But that more than friction generated jokes and complicity.

Of its origin, Kathy she always knew that her mother had delivered her as a newborn, in June 1957, to the orphanage New England Home for Little Wanderers.

As a teenager, her dream was to be a famous actress. That led her to study theater at Boston University and become a professor of dramatic Art.

He later married, moved to Georgia, and had two daughters.

William Bradford Bishop Jr, Kathy Gillcrist’s biological father, murdered his entire family AFP Photo.

In search of its origins

On 2017, now retired from her job and with more free time, she decided to fulfill her pending objective of tracking where did it come from.

The first step was a DNA test and “the check mark in the box that specified that she had been adopted and that she was interested in finding her biological family“He said in a note for the WECT network. That came to a company of biotechnology dedicated to comparing genetic samples.

That first and simple action opened a world for him. The results gave a coincidence with Susan Gilmor, a third cousin from your biological mother.

By the good deeds of fate, it turned out that the woman was more than successful for that mission. Susan, now in her 70s, is a successful geneticist with extensive experience matching traces of lost family members.

Thus, was that Kathy he found his biological mother, from whom he preferred to protect the name.

William Bradford Bishop has been wanted by the FBI since 1976.

William Bradford Bishop has been wanted by the FBI since 1976.

He learned that he had married at 17, had had her and since she was already separated, had given her up for adoption.

The woman was alive at the time. But they did not make a meeting and died in 2020.

The least expected father for Kathy

The surprise, however, was not that. But it came a while later and after more laps.

With all his expertise, Gillmor revealed that the biological father Kathy’s was William Bradford Bishop Jr.

Why is the data striking? It turns out that the man has been wanted in the United States since the 1970s and as of 2014 he became a member of the list of main objectives of the FBI.

The charges against William Bradford Bishop Jr

Kathy Gillcrist wrote the book It's In My Genes.

Kathy Gillcrist wrote the book It’s In My Genes.

The story of Bishop it has neither a luminous or pity side; and both found out as soon as they googled it.

The man -as he relates Kathy her book It’s in my Genes, It’s in my genes– was born on August 1, 1936, in Pasadena, California.

I graduated in American Studies at Yale University, he did a master’s degree in Italian. In those years, he was born Kathy. Although she does not know if she became aware of its existence.

Separated from the mother of Kathy, Bishop got married with Annette Kathryn Weis and had three sons. At the same time, he entered the United States Navy to perform counterintelligence tasks.

Later, he enlisted as an intelligence officer in the Foreign service. That led him to settle in several Italian cities and then in Africa, among other destinations.

The information available on him speaks of a supreme brilliance, perhaps an above-average IQ.

On 1974, the family returned to USA, to take a government post. That would seem to have been the turning point for Bishop.

They had the life of a typical American family of a wealthy middle class. However, he was not satisfied and began to show his vulnerability.

He began to show mood swings, insomnia problems, and symptoms of depression.

Until March 1, 1976, his psyche exploded. Failing to get a sought promotion, he withdrew from his office, looked for money at the bank, and bought some tools.

Came home and is supposed to He hammered to death his wife, Annette, and their three children, 14-year-old William Bradford III, 10-year-old Brenton, and 5-year-old Geoffrey. Also their mother, who lived with them.

Bishop He loaded the bodies and the dog into his car and drove for six hours.

When it came to a forest in North Carolina, dug a well, dumped the bodies, and doused them with fuel.

According to some testimonies, he bought some new sneakers and wandered with a dog, probably the family pet.

Kathy Gillcris says wryly that the story of her biological father gives her

Kathy Gillcris says wryly that the story of her biological father gives her “the best anecdote for lunch with friends.”

The car appeared a few days later in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, 640 kilometers from where the bodies of the family had been found. He became ungraspable.

The whereabouts of William Bradford Bishop Jr

The investigation showed that he used in the first instance a diplomatic passport. Throughout that year, there were people who claimed to have seen it in different places in Europe.

On 1994, on Swiss, a man who had been his neighbor discovered it and reported the incident to the authorities.

In 2010, authorities believed that Bishop was living in switzerland O in Italy and that he would be working as a language teacher or involved in criminal networks.

A few years later, in 2014, the authorities recognized that it could be installed in USA.

Today he would be 85 years old and could be alive.

Kathy’s reaction

“I am what I am and now I know why. But if I had discovered this information when I was young. Maybe it could have affected me in a very different way. Now, I have the best story for a lunch with friends! “, Concluded amused in a note.

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