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Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s closest adviser resigns

Family lunches must not have been simple in casa Conway, for the past four years. “She”, Kellyanne was – until yesterday – President Donald Trump’s most trusted advisor, as well as the first female campaign manager to win a presidential election: pollster, political consultant, called to lead the election campaign in July 2016 and inventor of the most characteristic expression of this presidency, “alternative facts”, on Sunday announced that he will leave the White House later this month, after giving his speech at the Republican convention on Wednesday. Meantime “Him,” her husband George, a conservative anti-Trumpian lawyer, officially took a break from Twitter, the platform from which he launched his repeated attacks on the president, and resigned from Lincoln Project, the political action committee he founded and which brings together dissident republicans.

In between were the children, three Trumpians and fifteen-year-old Claudia, about 650 thousand followers on TikTok, where defines herself as a “left activist”: she too, on Sunday, took a “mental health break” from social networks, after having repeatedly trolled her parents, who last month they had been forced to activate a kind of family censorship. Claudia had first broadcast a discussion live with her mother, then turned to her father on Twitter – where she has another 400,000 followers – saying she was sorry that her “marriage had failed”. The censorship, however, did not last long: at the end of July she had asked to be adopted by the Socialist MP-star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sunday came the latest attacks on parents, which generated a small political earthquake.

“My mother’s job ruined my life, to begin with: it hurts to see her continue on her way, despite her children suffering for years. She is selfish, all about money and fameClaudia wrote on Twitter, whose confrontation with her parents started in 2016, when the family moved from New Jersey to Washington. At the time, he even launched a petition on Change.org to avoid the move. “As for my father,” he added in another tweet, “politically we don’t agree on anything: we both have a little common sense, when it comes to the president ».

Sharp words, which have received hundreds of thousands of hearts, have brought Conway’s dirty laundry trending on Twitter and most importantly, they forced parents to take action. “I’m retiring from the Lincoln Project to spend more time on family matters. I’ll also take a break on Twitter. It goes without saying, however, that I will continue to support the Lincoln Project and its mission. PassionatelyFather George, 56, wrote on Twitter last night before sharing an article about his wife’s resignation.

«Less drama and more mama, from now on, for my beloved children, ”announced Kellyanne, 53, at the same time after informing the president of her decision. In an official statement, a Dropbox document shared on Twitter, she explained that her journey in the Trump administration has been exhilarating and humbled at the same time, but that she and George – who she has been married to since 2001 – have made this decision thinking about what was best for their children. “There are several things we disagree on,” he admitted, “but we are united on what matters most: children. Our boys are teenagers, they are about to start a new school year and at least for the first few months the teaching will be remotely. As millions of parents across the country know, kids who will be teaching from home need an unusual level of attention and control, as they are these days. This is my choice, it is my voice ».

The staff of the president tried to change her mind. They proposed that she take a break from the White House, joining the electoral campaign, but Kellyanne refused: she had no intention of traveling every day, writes the Washington Post, spending too much time away from family. In short, Claudia’s adolescent request for help and attention was heard, and his latest tweet is the digital version of a white flag, an armistice in the Conway war: “See you soon,” he wrote, receiving another hundred thousand hearts. “Thanks for the love and support. Don’t hate my parents, please“. At the top, on his profile, however, there remains a message, pinned on July 29: “Remember that a vote for a third party is a vote for Trump”.

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