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Kibermann’s two-man EC in bobsleigh fourth place after the first race – Winter sports

As the track is rebuilt every year, the start and track record report is started every season. Therefore, the first three riders reached the track records.

─Âibermanis, who started the fourth, corrected the start record (5.11 seconds) and made a good ride, went well in the “Horseshoe” and reached a new record at the finish with a few inaccuracies – a minute and 6.31 seconds.

Rostislav Gaitjukevich, the Russian with the eighth number, was the first to beat Kiberman’s records, reaching 5.07 seconds at the start, but beat Kiberman by 0.13 seconds at the finish.

Cipulis with Kleinberg, starting with the number 18, immediately after the start started several times at the edge of the track, inaccurately drove out of the “Shamrock” corners, starting at the edge, but in general made a pretty good trip, taking the 13th place after the first race and losing 0.75 seconds.

Next, the best time – a minute and 5.89 seconds – was reached by the German Francesco Friedrich in a duet with pusher Torsten Margis.

The second place is taken by their compatriot Johannes Lohner’s pilot, 0.25 seconds behind, the third – by the Canadian Justin Krips two (+0.26).

Gaitjukevich (+0.29) is in fourth place, but immediately after him is Kiberman (+0.42), followed by Briton Brad Hall (+0.49).

27 crews participate in the stage.

It has already been reported that in the skeleton on Friday, Martin Dukur won the World Cup for the 11th time and won the title of European champion for the 12th time, while Thomas Dukur took seventh place.

In the women’s competition, Andy Steel took the 21st place in the PK stage and the ECC in the 12th place.

In the overall rating of PK, T.Dukurs ranked eighth, but Steel – 21st.

There will be a competition for four in bobsleigh on Sunday.

Since 2006, the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (IBSF) has been organizing the World Cup stages together, distributing five sets of medals in one stage – a skeleton for ladies and gentlemen, a bobsleigh for men in doubles and fours, and a bobsled for two.

The end of the season is scheduled for the Beijing Olympics in February.


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