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Know the Benefits of Black Garlic for Health

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Have you heard of it? black onion? Black garlic is the result of fermentation of garlic in a certain temperature and humidity. During the fermentation process, the color of the onion turns black with a softer and chewier texture and a sweeter taste.

garlic itself has been associated with medicinal properties for hundreds of years, as has black garlic. Among the great benefits of black garlic, the most prominent is its ability to fight hypertension, rich in protein and B vitamins. In addition, black garlic can also lower cholesterol, the risk of type 2 diabetes, fatigue, and stress.

Black garlic also contains antioxidants, improves the organism’s digestion, provides energy, and is ideal for strengthening the health of the immune system. Launch TododiscoTwo of the most prominent properties of traditional black and white garlic are its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. In addition, we must add a good dose of vitamin C that it contains and this food is very useful for increasing the defense action against viruses and bacteria, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Black garlic is also a superfood because it provides the organism with 18 essential amino acids, of which there are 20 types, including arginine and tryptophan. Amino acids are essential substances that cannot be produced by organisms and need to be introduced through the diet. Black garlic is an ideal food in this case.

Overall, black garlic is also a superfood as it helps prevent cardiovascular disease, contributes to improving the condition of the arteries as it reduces the amount of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood. Another benefit of black garlic is as a source of protein and collagen. Collagen is an essential substance for healthy skin, which is involved in the regeneration and strengthening of joints, tissues and bones.

Then, how to eat this superfood? Black garlic is a food that has entered the culinary world because in addition to its health benefits, it is also very versatile for various recipes. You can add onion black to salads, chicken, spread on toast, or added to pasta.

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