Kyle Shanahan breaks the win over the Redskins, giving his father Mike a ball


But Shanahan's win was clear for the 9-0 win, which improved the record of 49ers to 6-0. According to the 49s who were finishing hard, George Kittle, Shanahan gave his father a game of match, Mike, whose dominant training tenure with the Redskins on less friendly terms, finished.

“Special enough,” said Kittle.

Mike Shanahan was not on hand for the game, according to spokesman 49ers. But Kittle said that 49ers were concerned with Shanahans' previous relationships with the Redskins and that they inspired them.

“We knew,” said Kittle. “It's definitely a game that we wanted to win for himself and Mike Shanahan.”

The game was as frank as it was, and Kyle Shanahan's recollection of what he expected to return to FedEx Field as a head coach on an unbeaten team was undoubtedly unforgettable. But he did not complain.

“I am in some buildings, and it doesn't always end all,” said Shanahan after the game. “But he was not involved in the game. Everyone is a little more sensitive when things are involved with your family. That's why I have always been a little more sensitive to this with my dad here. And that's why it was nice to get a win. But he had nothing to do with the game, it has nothing to do with the score. But you always want to take care of your things the right way when you blocked how certain things were in your family member. ”

Shanahan, the abusive co-ordinator for Redskins during his father's training period from 2010 to 2013, had achieved the commitments during the week by saying that his best work was to work for his father. time in Washington and “everything else” is the least that he enjoys. Shanahan said that he had moved on and that this game was not personal to him. But did anyone believe that?

Shanahan said on Sunday that he enjoyed watching 49s that celebrate players win with what was involved in rain angels on the wet peat after defending Nick Bosa's rookie end.

“It was certainly fun to look at the slide of our whole team around the park there,” said Shanahan. “I really enjoyed seeing that.”

When asked if he had thought about joining the players, Shanahan said: “I thought about it, however. But I don't think I would do it right. ”

The 49-year-old goalkeepers, Robbie Gould, and the Redskins slipped around a sunken pitch at the rain.

“It was fun,” said Richard Sherman. “The 2019 Mud Champions, you know what I mean?”

The 49s have made a dispute in NFC, in Year 3 of a reconstruction project overseen by Shanahan and General Manager John Lynch, as they are a fair and versatile team capable of being hit in a variety of ways. They entered this week's play in second place in the NFL in full defense and the third in full.

They were tested on Sunday according to the conditions as big as the Redskins. It was an incident. Any change of direction was challenging. The water was pooling on the playing surface in spots and the players were flashing around when they were running and, in particular, when they landed on the turf. The false conditions were severely limiting the offenses of both teams and they were likely to have helped the Redskins to close the competitive gap.

“The weather was as bad as we had been here,” said Shanahan, “along with that area, just as the field is always.” T

Quarter Quarter Jimmy Garoppolo spent 151 yards on a 12-to-21 death for the 49s.

“I am a lifelong rain,” said Garoppolo. “So there was nothing crazy in it.”

It was so many as Gould was involved from 28, 22 and 29 yards. The San Francisco defense limited the Redskins to 154 full yard and made two large plays against Adrian Peterson's revolutions, stopping it on a fourth carriage down in the first half and forcing him in half-half fuse.

“It will never be nice,” said 49s to fight DeForest Buckner's defense. “This is the NFL. It is not a matter for you to go against. Everyone is good. You just have come a way to gain victory. That is the purpose. I felt there was no question. There were three field goals and they didn't score? I mean, I take it. ”

It was a season of very win-win season for the 49s. That's what they did Sunday in Landover.

“There were seven people starting out today,” said Sherman. “When you have started seven people, you might think that you are not going to play your best football. And in a game like this, we were good at the circumstances. ”

These circumstances made the day's effort and then rewarded the 49s.

“I think guys had lots of fun, sliding and sliding out there,” said Sherman. “Play is always fun.”


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