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Lady Dimitrescu’s reaction surprised the entire Resident Evil team: “I don’t think anyone predicted it.”

Whether or not you like the games in the Resident Evil series, or the games in general, it seems that everyone has fallen in love with the “tall woman” of Resident Evil Village, Lady Dimitrescu.

It is no surprise that, since it was slightly visible to Lady Dimitrescu and the clan of vampires of Resident Evil Village, everyone across the wide world of the internet had a lot of interest in the characters. The we could see in first person Thanks to the demo Maiden en PS5, but after a few days the characters they already had their first cosplay e incluso fanarts.

This has shown that Lady Dimitrescu has seized the heart of players and non-players, no wonder with his height confirmed by Capcom. Now the artistic director of the game -Tomonori Takano- still does not understand what all the affection for the character comes from and why the “vampire sorceress” has caused such a stir on the net.

I don’t think anyone [en el equipo] predicted how wonderfully fans have reacted to Lady Dimitrescu“, said Takano in an interview with IGN. “Personally, I was struck by comments like ‘I want him to chase me’Putting aside the worldwide interest in tall women a bit, Takano wanted Lady Dimitrescu to make an impact, and your height has always been a major factor.

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The first concept art I drew was that scene in the trailer where Lady Dimitrescu crouches to go through the door“explained Takano.”From that precise moment, I knew that I was going to make that scene“According to Takano, its design is intended to impact even more than the survival horror we’ve seen so far.

We analyzed the characters and elements of the Resident Evil saga so far to see if they were really scary, or if they became very conventional and lost their effectiveness in scaring the player“He added after that. But in the end, a tall woman inspired by Japanese folklore, partially in Morticia Adams and the murderer Elizabeth Bathory has ended up conquering the world.

Ubisoft compares Lady Dimitrescu’s height to Eivor and Basim from Assassin’s Creed

Well there’s still time to prepare before Resident Evil Village goes on sale in May.

Source: IGN.com (Thanks, VG247)


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