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Leak: Neuer Nintendo Switch Controller

A new Nintendo Switch Controller appeared on the web ahead of an official announcement. It is believed that this controller could usher in the era in which Nintendo 64 Title on Nintendo Switch will be playable online. A new controller could also have other reasons.

Nintendo Switch online

The new controller could do well with an expanded one Nintendo Switch Online Offer to do. To pay for the service Nintendo Switch To be able to play titles online, you get selected ones at the same time NES and SNES Play title. Of the Nintendo Switch Online Service is very good, but unfortunately not nearly as generous as it seems at first glance. There are many classics here, but there are also countless, unspectacular titles that, not without reason, disappeared into oblivion back then. While there is no trace of most of the console titles. That’s a shame, because the choice, which has expanded, is still very limited after all these years. Therefore it would be at least a “new”, old one Nintendo Platform very welcome.

Here is the reference to Twitter one Nintendo Insiders:

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Game Boy or Nintendo 64 controller?

With the offer of NES and SNES Games in Nintendo Switch Online Service, was from Nintendo each offering its own controller for the respective console. The upcoming controller could have something to do with the expansion of the online offering in the form of another console. So what is more suitable for this than Game Boy/Game Boy Color Title or even better: Nintendo 64 Title in the future online offer of the Nintendo Switch?

Alternatively: New Joy-Cons without drift?

Of course, this could just as easily be a new form of Joy-Cons Act. After all, many of the originals suffer Joy-Cons since publication on the so-called Joy-Con Drift.

It is unclear what the leak is all about. Nintendo has not commented anything to date either. That’s why you shouldn’t rejoice too soon: such leaks are not tangible and could not mean anything. So there is only hope that either the Joy-Con Drift or the lack of Game Boy, Gameboy Color or Nintendo 64 Titles on the Nintendo Switch will soon be a thing of the past.

Those: twitter.com via SamusHunter2

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