LeBron James, new … Lakers playmaker? – NBA


According to Yahoo, the "King" should take the role of playmaker next season in Los Angeles.

Who to begin to lead next season at the Lakers? General Manager Rob Pelinka has recently recruited several players to this position, from Rajon Rondo to Alex Caruso, both already there last year, through the former Warrior Quinn Cook. But none of these three should begin with the shooter Danny Green, a priori holding the post 2. No. The 2019-20 Lakers title-goer should be named … LeBron James! A Chris Haynes Information from Yahoo Sports, author of the scoop "Kawhi Leonard to the Clippers" with a small handful of seconds ahead of Shams Charania and Adrian Wojnarowski. Formerly posted to Cleveland Plain Dealer, the interested party has its entry into the clan "LBJ", it is not a secret. So we imagine badly launch this info in the air.

In fact, this would not be surprising when you think about it: the Akron native has always played this role more or less, being often the main launching pad for his successive teams in Cleveland or Miami. The bad guys will say that he is also the general manager and coach of his teams, but that's another story, another debate for another day. Still, LeBron James has not often evolved alongside a true leader. And his natural qualities as a smuggler make him a credible candidate to begin to lead in a sustainable and official way. Especially at this stage of his career, and with the bulldozer Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins ​​in the racket. James is 7.2 assists in career, 8.2 caviars last season. So why not ?

James, Green, "Kuz", "AD" and "Boogie" in the five?

This would also allow Frank Vogel to line up the promising Kyle Kuzma in the major five, with the duet seen in New Orleans "AD" / "Boogie" Cousins ​​at positions 4 and 5. And so the tandem James / Green at the back, with "KCP", Caruso, Cook, Dudley, Rondo and other JaVale McGee out of the bench. Not perfect, but it looks, it's a fact. Waiting for one or two good picks among the players currently free, or soon free. We think of Andre Iguodala for example, if it was to be cut. One thing is certain: ambition is back this year at Staples Center. And not just in the ranks of Clippers, who put Kawhi Leonard and Paul George on the nose and beard of their historic big brothers. The Lakers have what it takes to dream a 17e sacred. This would be the fourth for the MVP quad and 15-time All Star LeBron James, who will start his 17e NBA season. In 2018-19, he was limited to 55 games due to injuries. All without play-offs, a first for the "King" since … his first two seasons in the NBA.


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