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Local parties win in Brabant and Groningen redivision elections | NOW

In the Brabant municipalities of Oisterwijk, Vught and Boxtel, the local parties have made great gains in the municipal elections. A local party was also the big winner in the new Groningen municipality of Eemsdelta. The elections took place on Wednesday due to municipal reorganisations.

Wednesday’s elections were the first Dutch elections since the corona pandemic. It is still unclear whether this has had an effect on the turnout percentage, for example.

The VVD and the Gemeente Belangen Party won in Oisterwijk, where they each got six seats. PRO, Algemeen Interest and CDA won three seats and D66 won two. 45 percent of those entitled to vote in this municipality showed up.

Municipal interests received the most votes in Vught and received six seats. D66 became the second largest with five seats. The combined list of PvdA and GroenLinks, like the VVD, got four seats. The CDA got three and the SP came in at one. 51 percent of those entitled to vote showed up.

BALANS became the largest party in Boxtel. However, no seat distribution has yet been announced there: it will follow on Friday. Combinatie95 finished in second place, followed by CDA, PvdA / GroenLinks, VVD, SP and D66. INbox ended at the bottom. The turnout percentage in Boxtel was approximately 47 percent.

Local Importance Eemsdelta leaves competition far behind

Local Interest Eemsdelta managed to win eleven seats in Eemsdelta, leaving the competition far behind. The PvdA took five seats. ChristenUnie, VVD and CDA won three and GroenLinks and Gemeentebelangen Eemsdelta ended up with two seats. About 44 percent of those entitled to vote showed up.

From 1 January, Boxtel, Vught and Oisterwijk will become a bit larger due to the division of the municipality of Haaren: Oisterwijk will receive the village of Haaren, Boxtel will receive Esch and Vught will receive Helvoirt. The Groningen municipality of Eemsdelta consists of Delfzijl, Appingedam and Loppersum.


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