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The Seahawks find themselves basically alone (with a win at the 49ers) at the first place in the NFC West for the first time this season. Seattle is 10-2 but does not have a differential plus 36 points in these games. This is the lowest point differentiation for a 10-victory team through 12 games in NFL history. They have completely taken the breaks because they are 9-1 in games of seven points or less and have now won five in a row. Victory win in Los Angeles playground.

Meanwhile, the Rams have gone 4-5 in nine final games after a 3-0 start. After the Buccaneers were lost at home in Week 4, the Rams went to Seattle and they probably won the game out completely, but the Greg “The Leg” Zuerlein pushed the pitch 44-yard field right width and 11 seconds left and Seattle wins another one.

The last time the Rams were at home in the main time, they got a 45-6 drug at the hands of the Hunts. Of the putrid performance that, the bias bias of the pledges to the Cardinals was pledged as a three-point subcontractor against a lost Rams bunch.

Unfortunately, in Arizona, they saw that the Rams could play their fullest game of the season in a dominant victory of 34-7. Todd Gurley (remember him?) Fled on 95 yards and landed and had more than 100 yards from fighting for the second time this season, but the second time in three weeks. Jared Goff went 32 out of 43 and threw 424 yards and two backs. Finally, Goff had his full reception choir and the Rams came into the night of the night as healthy as they always were.

Rams head coach, Sean McVay, 11-4 is just up and 9-6 against the scattered in the NFC West section games, but is 8-1 SU and 7-2 ATS in division spots during the second half of the season . It may be that this group has tasted over midseason ros after it has been running out of ibuprofen from the winner who was usually losing the Super Bowl.

Mainstream sports media often pointed out that Russell Wilson is playing fast and mostly this season, they are right. However, before the 2019 season, Wilson was only 31-33 in games set seven points or less since he came to the front in 2012. Here is another opportunity to turn the media out here because this looks at his be “well-established”. Joes main time game ".

This is a short week for the Seahawks, who meet the Vikings on Monday night, against teams who should not hit them earlier in the season. More promising activists brought out the Rams 2 + ¹ / ₂ earlier in the week and went the line to pick up. However, this number still has a certain value as the Rams -7 ¹ / ₂ were late last summer in predictive predetermined lines. The Rams stand should be last to make any play pressure right here.

The play: Rams, select.

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