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G.N. – Tuesday, July 9, 2019 – Updated at 07: 28h

PAMPLONA After participating in more than 500 programs "Boom", the contest of Antenna 3 presented by Juanra Bonet, the team "The Wolves", of which Navarre is a part Manu Zapata, has managed on Monday to "deactivate" the final bomb and win 6,689,700 euros, the highest prize ever awarded in a contest in the history of television. "I have not smiled more in my life", assured a radiant Manu after conquering the boat.

In the special program issued on Monday, the team has correctly answered the 15 questions that make up the last round, so Valentin Ferrero, Manuel Zapata, Erundino Alonso and Alberto Sanfrutos, "Los Lobos", have risen with the 4,130 pot .000 euros, which adds to the 2,559,700 euros that have accumulated in the contest over the past two years.

To celebrate the occasion, Antena 3 has broadcast two programs, the first being a special dedicated to the group, in which "Los Lobos" have talked about their lucky charms, their routines the last two years or their relationship with Bonet, with who have shared a screen in 505 different programs.

In that same program, the contestants paid tribute to the recently deceased José Alfonso Pinto, an initial member of "Los Lobos" who, last December, changed the television sets for his native Casillas de las Flores (Salamanca), and who replaced Sanfruto in the contest.

Both Bonet and his colleagues have recalled the charisma and sense of humor of Pinto, the Salamanca farmer who, in the opinion of "Los Lobos", "helped put an end to the stigmas" of illiteracy "associated with the rural environment."

In the second program, broadcast in the prime time slot, viewers have witnessed the panic, euphoria and joy shared among the fourth "Lobos", who have held, since last year, the Guinness record as participants with more consecutive victories in a television contest.

On this occasion, "Los Lobos" faced the group "Los Cuerpos", which despite resisting, did not manage to accumulate more money than the veterans. Combining their knowledge – those of an art teacher, a journalist, a forestry engineer and a primary teacher – "Los Lobos" accumulated a bigger pot than their opponents and went to the final stage, while commenting on how close they were been eliminated.

The final bomb arrived, and after raising fourteen questions that "Los Lobos" hit, Bonet asked the last of the round: "Which gulf of the Baltic Sea is located between Sweden and Finland?". The answer came in thousandths of a second: "The Gulf of Bothnia"

With Botnia arrived the confetti, a hug between "The Wolves" and the gesture of disbelief of the presenter, which confirmed the figure that the team had just won: 6,689,700 euros, "the greatest prize given in a television contest", he recalled. Bonet.

In full euphoria, the winners wanted to remember José Pinto, his partner for much of the contest, as well as to thank the support of the public and their families.

"It's the end of the road, two years and a lot of fighting, and in the end we have achieved it", Zapata expressed, delighted. An opinion that Bonet shared, for whom they have been "two incredible years".

Since "Los Lobos" entered the program, in May 2017, the contest produced by Atresmedia saw its audience increase by more than five points, going from a 12.1% share two years ago to a current 17.2%. With his departure from the program, "Boom" closes a stage, as Bonet recalled: "Other teams will come, but now we are missing you," he said.

"You have won, but we have lost", acknowledged the presenter, before giving way to a video in which the contestants were seen returning home and celebrating the news with their families and friends.


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