Macron accuses Bolsonaro of lying in environmental matters and opposes the agreement with Mercosur


The French president,Emmanuel Macron, considered Friday that its Brazilian counterpart,Jair Bolsonaro, "lied"in its environmental commitments, sowill oppose the signing of the free trade agreement between the European Union (EU) and Mercosur, indicate sources of the Gala Presidency.

"Given the attitude of Brazil in recent weeks, the president can only confirm thatPresident Bolsonaro lied to him during the Osaka summit"from the G20, the sources said.

They added that, "in those conditions,France will oppose the agreement with Mercosur".

Macron raises the tone in the exchange of accusations that in recent days he maintains with Bolsonaro, before thefires that are devastating the Amazonin recent weeks, much more virulent than in other years.

The French president recalled that Brazil signed the conclusions of the Osaka G20 summit last June inbiodiversity matter, agreed by all the members of that group except for the United States, which had already been unmarked from the rest in the previous two appointments.

But Paris argues that, with his attitude in recent weeks, Bolsonaro is not fulfilling those commitments, so he believes he lied to him during the Japan summit.

"The decisions and declarations of Brazil in recent weeks clearly show that the presidentBolsonaro has decided not to respect its climate commitmentsor commit to biodiversity, "added the gala presidency.

The free trade agreement between the EU and Mercosur, adopted on June 28 but not yet ratified, plans to increase trade between the two signatories by abolishing customs fees for different products.

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