Madrid updates its epic in Mestalla


Last minute, corner. Madrid updates its epic corner kicks by adding Courtois, who went up to finish off and finished off.

He saved Madrid from a serious process of reflection before the Classic. The tie will make it possible to forget that he lost control of a dominating match and some alarming laziness of the second half.

The start, however, was good. For a set of reasons, Madrid played an initial half hour of the best ones that are remembered. Zidane supplied Casemiro, preserved, with the three most Isco media. He left a caviloso team, to have much the ball inside. Valencia, meanwhile, doubled the bands. One would play inside, another would try outside.

And he began sending Madrid with a half-hour monologue developed in a foreign field. Media and attackers were staggered, pressing and very mobile, arranged in a non-rigid way, with constant changes and alterations.

Almost everyone tried: Valverde with danger in the 6th minute, Kroos in the 12th, Benzema in the 14th, Modric in the 18th, Rodrygo in the 19th …

All but Isco, but Isco plays a different role in this team. It acts as an indoor device, like something in your digestive system that operates inside and communicates with the rest of the team without attempting impact or aggression on the opponent. No dribbling or shooting. A game of support in the intimate. A probe player, an "endofutbol" player.

Valencia came out with very low biorhythms, and even the fans were unrecognizable, a little for the exit of Madrid and a little for the waiting situation that Celades had raised. In the first ten minutes he was not, he was a spectator of a monologue, as the faces of appeal between joke and joke. At the height of 17, a shy woman appeared against Ferran, and it was after half an hour when Parejo, very well covered by Modric and Benzema, began to let go, to take out the spyglass. His stretching moved the entire team that spread like a repressed octopus. Valencia lengthened its members, already arrived, already struggled, already balanced the game and the traditional bullanga returned to the field. Ferran finished off with danger in the 35th minute.

The initial Madrid, spectacular, possessive and full of alternatives had had a lot of dominance and little goal and the mortecino and lazio Valencia, unscathed, ended up standing up. A classic, really. The first time allowed to presage the second.

Valencia left the rest with another temperament. The positioning was similar, but the pressure more aggressive. Thus Ferran could mark, which Courtois bitter with his corpachón.

Madrid had to rebuild that touch of the first minutes, but the team, much longer, no longer responded the same. The liveliest part of the game began to be the verticality of Rodrigo, Wass and Ferran and the age of Modric and Kroos was reflected again dramatically, as when the light is turned on in a mature nightclub and what were suggestive shadows become wrinkles and pure dermatological realism

On the class of Madrid the class of Parejo was raised, which has the additional charm, typical of the great, of having been rejected. The occupation of the bands of Celades made sense now, with Parejo lit, as if the sails of a ship had been deployed and the wind was already blowing.

Benzemism sighed his paradoxical excuse: if in the first he moved everything, in the second he stopped doing it because of the team.

Zidane reacted by giving entry to Vinicius and Bale, which had as much or more of random invocation than football reformulation. Not even in their eyes was a great resolution perceived.

Indeed, everything remained the same. It leaps slowly in Madrid, without form and its attack, while Valencia, prudent, maintained a possibility of speed, a latent whip.

And so the goal came in 77, with a fast ball to the right, and Wass pass back for the auction of Carlos Soler. A twinkle everything, enough to surprise a tired team, something pachydermic.

Zidane wouldn't see it very clear if he took out Jovic. It was like spending it all on candles. From having many means to almost not having them (the 4-2-4 of the summer nightmares), which Celades took advantage of to put Kondogbia, nothing less. The sharp pin of Celades is not mere aesthetic!

And the candles served, although he won some Valencian fear in the end. The discount was when Madrid reacted, shaking Valencia: Jovic, then Benzema and in a corner that Courtois finished off with great power (the best in Madrid), Benzema himself tied. They were the very recognizable last years of Madrid, which perhaps warns that Zidanism (Zidane as a system and as hope) is alive. . (tagsToTranslate) valencia (t) real (t) madrid (t) direct


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