Man who suffers ICE Detention Center Is It Shooting at Police to Fats


The police were fatally shot by a man who was attacking an immigration detention center in Tacoma, Wash., On Saturday morning, the authorities said.

The man, who had a rifle armed, was wearing unspecified “closed devices” at the North Western Detention Center, police statement. Follow the man wearing cargo objects at buildings and cars, said the statement.

“One car was completely emptied in flames,” said Loretta Cool, spokesman for the Tacoma Police Department. “He wanted to ignite a large propane tank but he didn't succeed.” T

Officers came about 4 a.m. and called out to the man, who was wearing satchel and had flames on him. Bullets were lit which resulted in the death of the person, the statement said. The Cool Officer could not say whether the man had opened a fire.

The man, who was not publicly recognized, was declared dead at the scene. No officers were injured.

The cause of the attack was not known but it was because the issue of immigration immigrants arrived in the United States.

The event took place in the morning after Vice President Mike Pence visited migrant detention centers in Texas and tens of thousands attended.Lights to Freedom Exhibitions. More than 700 were planned in hundreds of cities around the country, including at the Tacoma center. The incident happened one day before ICE schedule thousands of members of families without arrest documents.

The Tacoma center is run by GEO Group under contract with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement since 2005.

Tanya Roman, a spokesperson for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said no employees of ICE had been adversely affected. He did not immediately know how many people were detained in the middle.

The four officers involved in the paid administrative leave were paid in accordance with departmental policy, which the police said.


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