Mañueco asks Sánchez «to look for meeting points with whom we want Spain»


With the results of the general elections of November 10 still hot, the Popular Party of Castilla y León looks and puts its concern a step further: in the formation of the Government of the Nation. And the ball is on the roof of the socialist candidate, Pedro Sánchez. It is who is at the top of the most voted list and, therefore, has the power to decide with whom to shake hands within the diverse board drawn by the polls. And there, reminded him yesterday the president of the popular in the Community, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, "the PP has always been open to dialogue" and "facilitate unlocking." Of course, he added, not at any price and not with any travel companion. "From the PP we have always worked for a better Spain," he said, while recommending that Sánchez "should do the same" and "work for a stability and governance agreement away from separatists and extremists."

He acknowledged that "we do not like Sanchez" and made it clear that the socialist "has to break up with" populists and separatists "- he has already reached a pre-agreement with United We Can, but that does not add a sufficient majority. That is why he recommended «to reconsider and look for meeting points with those of us who love Spain and work from wisdom, from moderation for the future of our citizens».

«It no longer takes her sleep»
«There you will always find us at the PP», added Fernández Mañueco. Otherwise, he added, "he will be sending a clear message to society: that all he cares about is his interest." It affected the socialist that after the elections of 10-N has "gone from nothing is worth anything to me," in allusion to the pre-agreement with Pablo Iglesias – with whom he rejected the understanding before the repetition of elections – and the necessary understandings older people would require that option and make the Government of Spain "be in the hands of characters like Otegui and Rufián."

"Sanchez does not take anything away from sleep," because what six months ago prevented him from hitting an eye – as he acknowledged – "is now viable and feasible," said Fernández Mañueco, in relation to that alliance with United We can "put the economy is at risk ”and has served to“ resuscitate ”Pablo Iglesias, in addition to having“ something more than a Frankenstein Government ”ahead of the result of an“ amalgam of conflicting and crossed interests that harm the whole of Spain ”. And the "concern" for this panorama is not only of the PP, but also of families, companies … and even "historical and not so historic leaders of the PSOE," said Fernández Mañueco. "Populist solutions move away from what our country needs," he said.

Given this situation, "there is a majority of people who believe that the constitutional consensus that Spain and the Spanish have done so well in these years of Democracy must be rebuilt," said Fernández Mañueco, starting the applause of the Party's Board of Directors, met yesterday for the first time since he is also president of the Junta de Castilla y León. .


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