Marc Márquez: «My brother told me & # 039; you could have told me about the brakes & # 039;»


«Go early. Yesterday I was going around in Valencia and now … here, let the curtain open ”, Marc Márquez smiled in front of the window of a large area of ​​the center of Madrid turned for a few days into a museum of successful costumes of the Repsol team: monkeys from different pilots of various disciplines who came to success dressed in orange. Among them, a Marquez happy to share a team with his brother.

«We have barely seen each other on the circuit. Already enough things I have to do to worry about other things. We separate professionalism well, ”he exclaimed from the beginning. Although later they shared confidences, in the motorhome where they live in the circuits, like good brothers.

"What he did tell me was 'You could have told me about the carbon brakes'," he joked about his brother's inexperience, which fell on the seventh lap with the Honda in the Valencia tests. «It is true that this is very different from those I had been using in Moto2 and we know that it is a difficult category and a motorcycle in which I have fallen many times to find the limit, but Honda has decided and is a world champion. And yes, it is special because he is my brother, ”he repeated again, as if more justifications were necessary.

For next year he is already working on the motorcycle, with which he hopes to succeed again. "You don't know how much others are going to improve and this course we have made many podiums and points, but it is still difficult for many drivers to handle and that we have to work on: just as fast but more easily," he explained. And he added that at least the 2020 prototype is the same as the previous year so they can move forward.

Luis Enrique fan
To conclude, he also offered his vision of the return of Luis Enrique: «I love Luis Enrique as always. Already when he was a player and then coach in Barcelona. I love that he comes back. After a difficult stage. But he is very fighter and I think the team is doing well. .


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