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Matthew Star, the Americans, talks about the learning about Mr Rogers



Matthew Rhys spent six seasons playing a Russian spy in “The Americans,” which shows one of the best things ever to the heights of the airways. The well-deserved Emmy actor met in 2018 for the last series. Now he himself is a diary of "Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" playing a reporter who is responsible for interviewing Fred Rogers, host the children's iconic show.

The 45-year-old star asked for old, warm and friendly, the film to be plugged.

Question: You have said that you were not familiar with the “Mister Rogers Neighborhood” growing up in the K.K. What were the shows played by the children as you grew up?

Answer: Well, Welsh is my first language, and we grew up at a time when the Welsh language station was a brand new feature.

Q: When you were offered the film and started researching Fred Rogers, did you get the appeal right away, or was it more like “what is this crazy American show?” T

A: The immediate response I gave you on YouTube was the show, and I was confused. Laughing Did this man forget his lines? Fred did not realize that he was very willing, ensuring that his speech was set out so that children could follow it and process it. He was ahead of his time.

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I had already found a “Daniel Tiger Neighborhood”, ”the off-road show, and I already loved Daniel Tiger. It was like a child psychologist helping our son, Sam, to define his feelings. Then, as a result of the film, I put Sam on Fred's exhibition and saw that Fred Rogers had no exposure. As an energetic child, he was calm and listened. And it was one of the things he said to me, “Oh, he's talking to me.” One of the things I read was that children felt they had heard them, because they would be listened to. Fred speaks to the camera because he was a special child.

Q: When you tell the Americans that you are working on a film about Mr.

A: Oh, completely! There would be some noise from Americans when they knew I was making a film from Mr Rogers. And when you say that Tom Hanks is playing Mr Rogers, he resigns from the same sound from many Americans.


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Q: In another world, would you like Mr. Rogers to play?

A: This is an interesting question. (Laughing) As much as I want to think that I'm silent, it certainly would be that difficult.

Q: It seems so difficult to play because it would be as easy to slip into his carcase.

A: That's incredible about Tom. He has a mind that works a thousand miles per hour. And he said the same thing, that he was struggling with time and speed.

Q: As well as Tom, you have some great actors to play. Chris Cooper is always great, and he plays your father.

A: That's one of the heavier relationships in the film. You don't have much time on screen, but these times need to be weighed. You need someone like Cooper. He's playing one thing, but he's (that history) in his eyes about what happened.

"The Americans" by Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell (FS, finale series May 30) (Photo: Patrick Harbron, FX) t

Q: I have to ask. I loved "The Americans" and I love it. Are you?

A: Great. The richness of that character? I do not miss it. The rows him. It was rare, and we were lucky to close it as we did. I thought it was a right end, and you're not always doing that.

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