Meet with Waves & Wave;


An evening before he received a special tribute to the first premiere of the Toronto International Film Festival for his film, the young boy “Waves” looked at the close experience of making films.

Alexa Demie described the “get to know” crash course which she and Kelvin Harrison Jr shared to develop the passionate but troubled chemistry between their characters, whose degraded relationship helps drive the first half of the film.

Having won the Sundance audience earlier this year in the thriller of the drama “Luce,” Harrison suggests “Waves” because Tyler, an athlete's star struggling to catch up with his father's perfection image (). Sterling K. Brown) is shaping i.

These pressures deal with his relationship with Alexis (Demie), a young woman finding out who she wants to be.

The two actors had only two weeks to get to know each other and get into the toxic dynamics running from their characters.

“We looked at many YouTube videos on independent relationships and toxic relationships,” said Demie, who prepares Maddy on the famous play “Euphoria.”

“Send out to Lisa A. Romano,” said Harrison, who explained that the life coach online seminars helped actors understand their screen dynamics.

Meanwhile, Russell's sister Tyler plays Emily – a shy introvert that comes from her shell when she gets to know a class colleague, Luke (Lucas Hedges).

Hedges and Russell recalled the three-day road trip they took with director Trey Edward Shults and photographic director Drew Daniels to capture compact documentary scenes for the film. “I don't even know where we were,” she laughed. “The bus broke down! We were running one day and we got on at the bus and the next thing we knew, the coin went off. ”

A24 “Waves” will release on 1 November.


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