Meow! Taylor Swift's song “Beautiful Ghosts” from Cats is now available


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In case you were not aware, another major movie is opening the same weekend that will bring a secure audience to the Skywalkers. In December 20th, Tom Hooper 's musical CATS will be released. Of course, the director's film won the Academy Award to adapt Andrew Lloyd Webber Broadway's music of the same name. While there have been many ballyhoo made about the manicure / human scenes in the upcoming movie, we cannot remember the fact that some good music numbers are coming on our way. Previews already showed Jennifer Hudson's pipes with the winning song "Memory" and certainly there will be more.

The other music wizard is taking part in the upcoming feature than anyone other than the pop superstar Taylor Swift. The singer / actor will play Bombalurina. However, Hooper must be aware that Swift had difficulty when she walked in, as she is attending another key role in CATS. Swift was tasked with delivering a new song for music and in collaboration with Andrew Lloyd Webber, she did just that. And now you can hear it too! Early in the morning, the official CATS Twitter page announced that T-Swizzle's new song "Beautiful Ghosts" was available for your hearing pleasure:

It is interesting to note that Taylor Swift will not sing "Beautiful Ghosts" in the forthcoming film. This task will be reserved for the character of Victoriaca Hayward Victoria, the white meat that plays a key role in CATS. Old Deuteronomy Judi Dench sings the song. It is noteworthy that the song is only coming in with more orchestras, reflecting the whole musical style of the film. Regardless of how you feel about Taylor Swift personally, there is no denying that the woman can sing. It is a real help to be part of the spending AND as a participant in music.

CATS with Taylor Swift, Judi Dench, Idris Elba, Francesca Hayward, Ian McKellen, Jennifer Hudson, Jason Derulo, and Ray Winstone going on to theaters 20 December.


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