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Michael Wendler: Laura Müller deeply sad – “Your parents ..”

Michael Wendler: Laura Müller deeply sad – “Your parents have …”

He is one of the most polarizing pop singers in Germany: Michael Wendler.

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  • Michael Wendler and girlfriend Laura Müller are currently not having an easy time of it
  • Now Michael Wendler speaks plain text
  • In the video above: This is Michael Wendler

Michael Wendler and his girlfriend Laura Müller are more in the public eye than ever. There is no question of calm. The couple is in the constant spotlight. Every step of the two is observed. Whether in public at “Let’s Dance”, on a walk through Cologne or in her adopted home Florida.

It is not an easy time Michael Wendler and Laura Müller have to go through. The couple also catch up with the past. The pop singer revealed this in an interview.

For making it so difficult for them, everything would go pretty well, so Michael Wendler about the relationship with his 19-year-old partner Laura Müller,

Michael Wendler and girlfriend Laura Müller: Schalgerstar with clear words

Michael Wendler reveals: “The amazing thing is: the more the media hits us, the closer we grow together.”

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This is Michael Wendler:

  • Born in 1972 in Dinslaken as Michael Skowronek
  • Michael Wendler is a trained forwarding agent
  • In 2000 the pop singer released his first albums
  • His most successful album “Undefeated” (2008) was on the charts for 36 weeks
  • He took part in several TV productions, including Beat the Star, I’m a Star – get me out of here or Let’s dance
  • He has been living in Florida since 2016
  • He is with Laura Müller (19)
  • His ex Claudia Norberg took part in the jungle camp this year


Initially, it was less the media that troubled Laura than her parents. “At first, her parents didn’t know about our liaison.

Laura is very afraid that she will be kicked out of home because her parents didn’t like me at all. They only knew my picture in public.

When our love affair became public, her parents distanced themselves from Laura, which was pretty tough for her. From then on I discovered love for her and would never have left her alone. It was important for Laura to know that there is someone to catch her and love her. Because she didn’t feel this love from her parents at the time. “

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Stress with the father

A feeling that Wendler knows only too well, as he revealed at the gala: “I have had no contact with my father for 13 years because he publicly blasphemed me. I am currently out of contact with my mother. That is very disappointing, but I am consistent and turn away. For me, the topic is now buried too. “

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Fortunately, the relationship between Laura and her father seems to have stabilized again. In the soap about Michael Wendler and Laura Müller, which can currently be seen on TV Now, her father even helps with the renovation of the love nest in Cape Coral.

Michael Wendler: Good relationship with Laura Müller’s father

He had traveled to the United States with his partner. He maintains a buddy relationship with Laura’s friend Michael Wendler, so the soap says. Nothing was known about her mother in the first episode.

Laura’s mother, however, cannot be much more unpleasant than Michael Wendler’s mother. The fact that she had recently been angry with Laura and her son. You can find everything about it here.

At the moment Laura Müller and Michael Wendler are often in Germany – because the 19-year-old takes part in “Let’s Dance”. How did she do on her first live show? Everything to read here >>>


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