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Microsoft is (finally) deploying its walkie-talkie function in Teams

You can now chat in Teams with your colleagues as you would with walkie-talkies. Just two years after announcing the arrival of this feature in its collaborative application, Microsoft has finally begun its deployment for all users on iOS, in addition to Android on which the function was only available under certain conditions. .

It is thus possible to transform any smartphone or tablet operating with one of these two systems into a kind of intercom, both in Wi-Fi and via the mobile network.

This new use was designed by Microsoft to offer a simple and direct means of communication to workers in contact with the public, especially in stores where employees frequently use dedicated walkie-talkies to communicate.

Microsoft has also announced that it has entered into a partnership with Zebra, a manufacturer of mobile devices intended for professionals, to integrate a physical button called “push to talk” on one of the brand’s terminals to easily chat using Teams, as one would with walkie-talkies worthy of the name.

Source : Microsoft

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