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Miłosz Kłeczek TVP Info Woronicza 17 complaints Michał Rachoń

The press office of the National Broadcasting Council told Wirtualnemedia.pl that in complaints about “Woronicza 17” Miłosz Kłeczek was accused of insulting Dariusz Joński, a member of the Civic Coalition, preventing opposition representatives from speaking, and being biased.

In accordance with the procedure, the National Broadcasting Council will ask Polish Television to record the program and provide explanations in response to the complaints.

Joński left the studio after an argument with Kłeczek

Dariusz Joński’s argument with Miłosz Kłeczek in “Woronicza 17” took place when the journalist gave the floor to the PiS MP Joanna Lichocka and did not want to talk about high inflation.

– You use propaganda and populism, Mr. Ionian. Why are you coming to this program? – Miłosz Kłeczek asked the KO deputy. The latter emphasized that he wanted to talk about topics that the lecturer omitted: inflation and epidemic statistics. – The Lord drowns out what I want to say. And that’s why you drown it out that you are not a journalist, you are an officer. The Lord does not want to hear what I want to say – he emphasized.

At this, Kłeczek began to cite data on wages and unemployment under the PO-PSL government, emphasizing that they were talking about economic indicators. – It’s about the purchasing power of money. You probably do not know this, because you do not have the faintest idea about economics, he told the KO.

– Because it is impossible to comment on this program, because the PiS officer is drowning out. If you do not want to hear what we have to say, we will not come to your program at all. I will probably see you again, not you. Thank you very much – said Dariusz Joński and left the studio.

– The Lord came to put away the media crib, and then leaves the studio – commented Miłosz Kłeczek, listing the theses aimed at the opposition, about which he would like to talk. – Mr Ioński abdicated – he added.

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Discussion on sexuality on TVP1 after “Bohemian Rapsody”

One complaint was directed to the National Council on discussion broadcast on TVP1 on Saturday after 23:30, right after the feature film “Bohemian Rapsody” about Freddie Mercury, leader of the band Queen. The press office of the National Broadcasting Council did not disclose what exactly the complaint was about.

The discussion on TVP1 was led by Michał Rachoń, he talked to the journalist of Gazeta Polska, Piotr Lisiewicz, musician Jędrzej Kodymowski, critic and art historian Piotr Bernatowicz (for almost two years director of the Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw) and journalist and historian Mikołaj Mirowski.

The guests of the program emphasized that Freddie Mercury made history thanks to his musical output, and not his sexual orientation, with which he did not show off. – It was a hidden case for a long time. He just did not show it off – said Jędrzej Kodymowski. – In fact, a music group is there to present music, emotions, sell the atmosphere, and using it for other promotional or political purposes is inappropriate – he emphasized.

It has been suggested that Freddie Mercury loved Mary Austin the most, because he bequeathed the vast majority of copyrights to her in his will, and sexual contact with men contributed to his premature death (the singer died of AIDS).

At the same time, contemporary LGBT organizations were criticized. – From Freddie there was a sensitivity that is now lacking in the current LGBT community – now it is the opposite, they are supposed to destroy our culture. When I hear that Słowacki could have been a homosexual, Konopnicka a lesbian, and Pulaski a woman, these are things from a completely different sensitivity – assessed Piotr Lisiewicz.

In recent years, the National Council has dealt with many complaints about the news and current affairs programs of Telewizja Polska. In some cases, she addressed speeches to the broadcaster, in which she reminded of the obligation to comply with the Broadcasting Act.

In November, the National Broadcasting Council issued such a speech regarding the repetition of excerpts from the speech of the PO chief Donald Tusk in German in “Wiadomości”. – The topic of Donald Tusk’s return to domestic politics was exploited by TVP in such a way that viewers could feel overwhelmed by the excessive accumulation of the same information – she assessed.

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