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Ministry of Health enables platform to define date and beneficiary of vaccine against covid

This Friday, March 5, 2021, the Ministry of Health plans to enable a digital platform for vaccination against covid-19 in Ecuador. Minister Rodolfo Farfán assured this on Thursday night, March 4, when he presented planvacunarse.ec, “where all the information will be.”

“Through this platform, the date and place of vaccination of each person will be assigned when phase 2 or mass vaccination begins,” said the Minister, who noted that the digital tool “will assign each person who receives the vaccine in Ecuador a code QR, where your electronic vaccination certificate will be stored ”against SARS-CoV-2.

In a video broadcast through various platforms, the Secretary of State added that in the phase 1 Wanted immunize to 2 million people, for which they will work on databases of medical staff that was not included in phase 0, the entire public-private network, personnel of the public force and firefighters, teachers at all levels, vulnerable population, the elderly, waste collection personnel and strategic sectors.

The second level later, it will include the entire population over 18 years of age. He also mentioned a third phase “With new target groups, which are determined as suitable for vaccination according to scientific evidence.”

Farfán added that for this purpose the Ministry has a total of 8 000 qualified brigade members Y certificates, which include primary health care professionals and technicians.

Also, there will be a total of 10,000 vaccination centers, with adequate transport and cold chain, thanks to the support of private companies.

He also pointed out that the country will have a unique system in Latin America for the process, which includes total control of the Inventory of vaccines, and in the second phase you can assign the date and time of vaccination, as well as a code QR to each person who is inoculated, and who will store their electronic vaccination certificate.


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