Ministry of the Interior proclaimed in Vienna: birthplace of Adolf Hitler becomes police station – politics


He had spent only a few months in the house – and yet it was a burden for the city of Braunau am Inn. Although it was not marketed for tourism, the state paid rent for vacancy for years, almost every visitor asks at some point for the house of the most famous Braunauers – after the Hitler House.

The birthplace of Adolf Hitler is to be used by the police in the future. As the Ministry of the Interior announced on Tuesday, the district police command and the police inspection Braunau to move there after a transformation of the building there.

For the transformation, an EU-wide architectural competition will be launched this month. A result of the competition is expected in the first half of 2020.

"The future use of the house by the police should set an unmistakable sign that this building is forever removed from a reminder of National Socialism," said Interior Minister Wolfgang Peschorn.

Wolfgang Peschorn, Federal Minister of the Interior in Austria.Photo: promo / BKA / A. Wenzel

Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in the building. The later dictator had spent his first months of life in the house. The Hitlerhaus is after a expropriation since the beginning of 2017 in the possession of the Republic of Austria.

Litigation over expropriation of the Hitler House

The expropriation and transformation are intended to prevent the area from becoming one A place of pilgrimage for neo-Nazis. The expropriation had led to a lengthy legal dispute between the former owner and the state over the amount of the compensation.

2017 had the Austrian Constitutional Court (VfGH) ruled that the owner of the birthplace of Adolf Hitler was rightly expropriated. So far, 812 000 euros flowed to the former owner.

A memorial stands in front of Hitler's birthplace – without mentioning him.Photo: Dominic Ebenbichler / REUTERS

In front of the house is a reminder stone. In the inscription Hitler is not mentioned at all, but it is read: "For peace and freedom and democracy Never again Fascism." Millions of deaths admonish. "

With short interruptions, the public sector has been the tenant of the house for more than 60 years. This was initially a school, later housed for decades a sheltered workshop. Since 2011, the listed building was empty. (TSP / dpa)


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