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Missing 7-year-old Martin taken by parents from De Hondsberg (Update Australia)

Martin Florian Den Hertog, 7 years old, is missing. The police are asking for your help! In Australia, the father asked politicians for help against the Dutch government. The Public Prosecution Service has designated the parents as suspects.

Martin is missing

The police are investigating the whereabouts of 7-year-old Martin Florian Den Hertog. Martin is a boy with an intellectual disability and he stayed in a hospital in De Hondsberg, an institution in Oisterwijk. His parents took him during a visit on Wednesday 24 June. It is unknown where they are now.

Police would like to know where Martin is so that he can get the right care. They also want to know where his parents are now.

Martien has fair skin, short blond hair, parting on the left side of her hair, probably wearing a white and red striped T-shirt,

Father is white, 1.90 long, dark hair, firm belly, beige long pants, pink T-shirt and brown sandals, Australian descent, he may be talking with an accent, age is 49.

Mother is white, 1.70 long, black straight hair to the shoulders, black pants, white T-shirt with printing and sandals, Russian descent, she hardly speaks any Dutch, age is 34.

Call 0900-8844 if you know more, or 112 if you see Martin or his parents.


Of supervision is a child protection measure that is discussed if a family does not or insufficiently volunteers to improve the situation. If the judge one supervision family is assigned a family guardian from a certified institution. The family guardian guides the child and helps the parents to solve the problems. Parents should accept the help and support of a family guardian in raising their child, but retain custody of their child and remain responsible for the care and upbringing of their child. The family guardian will supervise this. In most cases, a child stays at home during the supervision, but sometimes it is better for the child to live elsewhere, for example in a home or foster home.

Parents suspicious

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) has said: ‘Without knowing in whose hands the boy Martin is’, to suspect the parents of ‘withdrawing the child from the competent authority’. According to the Public Prosecution Service, that is a criminal offense of which they are suspected because “they are the last ones in his vicinity,” said the Public Prosecutor spokesman.


The father appears to have asked politicians in Australia for help last month, because he disagrees with the removal of his son from home. There was a comprehensive in the media there on May 18 story about this situation (click here). The website also contains photos of the parents and their side of the story. According to them, Autism is the reason for the different family situation for outsiders.

The story goes that the five-year-old Martin was taken out of the father’s house in Amsterdam by aid workers after a report from the neighbor that he was neglected. According to the father and mother, Conrad and Katya den Hertog, according to the Australian article, care providers wrongly diagnose Martin’s autistic symptoms as psychological abuse. According to the aid workers, Martin is said to have a developmental delay caused by neglect or abuse. The parents say that several experts have identified autism as the cause. Relief workers would continue to put pressure on the family to relinquish their guardianship with the aim of justifying the earlier mistakes.

The father – he came to Europe for work in 2002 – asked the Secretary of State Marise Payne to intervene in Australia. Martin was born in the Netherlands, but has dual citizenship through his father.


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