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MMA veteran Q. Jackson doesn’t care about UFC Hall of Fame: “Honor me with a hard check”

A 43-year-old MMA veteran Quinton Jackson He sealed his place in UFC history when he knocked down one of the organization’s first stars, Chuck Liddell, but now it doesn’t matter to him being honored as the “Hall of Fame,” he would like to receive a decent check from the UFC at least once.

“No, damn them,” Jackson told The MMA Hour on March 5. “I didn’t fight for the ‘Hall of Fame.’ What do you get because you are there? ”

The former UFC semi-heavyweight category has repeatedly complained about paid salaries, so his position shouldn’t surprise MMA fans. His relationship with UFC President Dana White had been poor before, and he eventually joined Bellator. Finally, Jackson appeared in a cage with MMA legend Fyodor Yemelyanenko, and after his defeat, his contract with Bellator ended.

From 2019 Jackson, who has not fought, is a free agent and is working to enter perhaps an unconventional ring and meet former boxer Shannon Briggs, with whom he had a confrontation during a recent Triller event in the triangular ring.

Jackson said the UFC business practices cost him a lot of money, directly and indirectly, and the UFC deal with Reebok was a great example of that.

“I don’t know if I say that, the UFC will take me to court, but all I can say is that after joining Team A, some organizations have made it much harder for me to film in other films,” said Q .Jackson. “It simply came to our notice then. I can reveal that I signed a contract with one of the biggest agencies in Hollywood and they did nothing for me and I felt it was intentional. In fact, I know it was intentional because they now own the UFC.

That’s why you didn’t see me again after Team A. Many things left an unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth. I went to the UFC, got ready to fight, got a big Reebok contract, and then the UFC says, “Oh, we don’t know that, Reebok. You can’t have them. ” Then the next step is for the UFC to get a huge contract with Reebok. I say: man, under the devil, what’s here? And where are the UFC and Reebok now? They are both damn hiding the deal. It left me with an unpleasant aftertaste, so I left the UFC and they said I ended my career. Everyone thought I was retiring, but I went to Bellator, although most fans who chose not to follow me on social media thought I had finished my career.

When I went somewhere, people approached and said, man, I wish you weren’t retired. I replied that I was fighting a few months ago. They had no knowledge of it. Many of the fans who watch the UFC the most thought I had finished my career because that’s what they reported. They knew I wasn’t going to fight for them until they had that contract with Reebok. If Dana White had given me some money and said, “Hey, Rampage, I’m sorry about the Reebok contract, it’s your check,” I would have forgotten, but they didn’t. “

Now, Jackson does not want to be honored in the UFC for his contribution to MMA.

“Honor me with a dressed check,” Jackson said. “MMA fighters, we are not baseball players, we are not football players, we do not receive any pension or anything like that. Those guys go to the Hall of Fame, get their pensions and all the other shit. Honor me with a check. I suffered a lot of injuries, pain, and the UFC earned a lot for it. I sold a lot of views, a lot of tickets. Why the “Hall of Fame” for me? To be known? I didn’t fight to be known.

When I started fighting King of the Cage at the time, the sport was baby. No one knew about it. I was able to walk in public, enjoy life, enjoy dating, play with children in public. I was able to be at the airport without asking me to take a picture. Why the hell do I have to be famous when people start bothering with photos? I love my fans, but I don’t like to be famous at all. “


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