Modric, exemplary allegation and "stick" to Cristiano and Messi


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The gala of Golden Ball 2019 left an image for the history of football beyond that of Lionel Messi holding his sixth trophy and certifying that he is one or several steps above other great players. It was that of Luka modric, winner of the previous edition. And not only because of the "relay" gesture between winners, something that is intended to be the norm from now on, or because it is a Madrid player giving the award to a Barcelona player. The important thing was the words of the Croatian, who started with a "Congratulations, you deserve it" to the Argentine on stage.

“It has been a pride to be able to be in this gala and give the prize to Messi, who deserves it. It seems to me that the last winner gives relief to the new winner is a great practice, a show of respect and coexistence that can help in sports. We are rivals, but not enemies. In football many times things are taken to the extreme and this initiative can help improve things. It happens in other sports and it seems good that this custom is installed in football, ”said the Real Madrid midfielder already on the red carpet of the gala in Paris.

Modric also had no problem praising the figure of Barça's top star, his club's eternal rival: «Messi's is something impressive, when you see them all there. It doesn't seem real but it just shows that He is an impressive player, one of the best of all time and 'chapeau' for everything he has done. We must congratulate him and that's it ».

Luka did not want to enter in particular the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo at the gala, but in explaining his vision on the matter, with his words he gave a good "stick" to his partner in Real Madrid. If with his first statements he left the Portuguese and Messi in a bad place because the image of the “transfer” of the trophy never occurred between them, with the following he affected the usual attitude towards the galas of delivery of this prize of the current star of Juventus of Turin.

«First question, that's it, controversial. Talk about my. I am happy to be here. Football is about respect and when you don't win, out of respect you have to be here, because football is celebrated. That is why I am here, to celebrate football, to show respect because football is about that, very simple, ”he argued.

Luka Modric's elegant words were very well received by fans, social networks, and also for the Football Club Barcelona, team of Leo Messi.

In another order of things Modric also responded to how he is doing this season for him in his team and confessed feeling "happy." «It is true that the season started a little weird, because of the red and then I had two small injuries. I needed to take a beat. Now I feel good physically and I'm enjoying football and Madrid like never before. What I need is to play, have rhythm and show what I have always shown.

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