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“Money in exchange for reforms”, Europe, the sort of change – Free Daily

Fabio Rizzo

Is Europe ready to shell out the money. But he asks that Italy is put in the roadway, making reforms and reducing public debt. More than a walkway, on the first day of the States general was a bath of realism for Giuseppe Conte. The expectations in Brussels are high. And the premier, when the workers ” and the fitting out of the Villa Pamphilj, you will still have to do with the majority of the first. Scalcagnata and quarrelsome. In these conditions, the Count should be able to complete the reforms of the bureaucracy, of taxation, of justice, of the simplification of the Public administration? Perhaps we only believe him. And then there is the theme of the funds. In Rome take for granted the Recovery fund (now called Next Generation, and the Eu), but it is not so. It is only a proposal and expects a negotiation complex. In addition, the money, the real one, will arrive not before 2021. And the lawyer will have to go to Europe hat in hand to pietire a “bridge”, as he calls it, “that allows us to have a part in the autumn”. Otherwise, what a “maneuvers-like substance”. The message coming from the Troika is unique: take the serious. “The european Union is and will be on the side of Italy in the recovery after the crisis of the Covid-19”, ensures the president of the Eu Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, because “Europe needs Italy to be strong.” With the program the Next Generation there will be “a unique opportunity” for the Country, but Rome must make the necessary reforms to unlock the economy of your property.

Is made, reopen the asylums. Dagospia rages on the Count that the sentence of the prime minister to the States-general passed (almost) unnoticed

Unique message – The same message comes also from David Sassoli, president of the european Parliament: “Remember that the funds that come into the coffers of the national will be public and will not be admissible in the loss or wastage of this money”. Then Sassoli invites the Count to get a move on: “we Must make haste. Need for structural reforms and measures of direct support to people”. “The Recovery Fund will reach its full potential,” agrees Christine Lagarde, president of the Ecb, “only if it is firmly rooted in structural reforms designed and implemented at the national level”. “The considerable resources” that will come from Brussels, recalls Paolo Gentiloni, the european commissioner for the Economy, “will test the individual countries”. You access them “voluntarily” on the basis of the plans drawn up by national governments”, but these do not have to be “books of dreams”. A curry comb to government also comes from the Governor of the Bank of Italy: “european funds will never be free: a debt of the european Union is a debt of all member countries, and Italy will always contribute in important measure to the financing of community initiatives. The main problem of our economy, remember, Ignazio Visco, is “for more than 20 years, the low growth, in turn a reflection of the very weak trend of productivity”. For that need interventions in at least three macro-areas: Public Administration, bureaucracy, and innovation. And then, he adds, it takes a tax reform: “A radical rethinking of the structure of the taxation”.

Notes – Joseph Conte takes notes. His ego hypertrophic is fed by the compliments received by the president of the European Council, Charles Michel, who defines a model (!), and the premier makes the turn a tissue to highlight these words of praise. For the rest, the Count remains in the field in which you feel more comfortable. One of the generic ads. “We don’t want to waste even a euro for the revival of the country”, he promises, “we will not be content to restore a normal, we want to improve the country”. Then makes a new invitation to the opposition (“Participate in the States-General”) and appeals to Salvini and Melons because convince the Visegrad countries to approve the Recovery Fund. Finally comes a new awareness of distances from the plane Colao: “The voluntary disclosure problem on the possible criminal offences that we are behind,” says Conte. The truth is that the Cinquestelle do not want it and he doesn’t want to make them angry. The former director of Vodafone, will speak on Monday. With the trade unions, the Regions and the mayors.


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