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Moonton ban the hero Tank Uranus from Mobile Legends, what’s the cause?

KONTAN.CO.ID – Mobile Legends players in particular user Uranus must be saddened by Moonton’s new decision. How come? One of the strongest Tank heroes has just been pulled by Moonton from Mobile Legends. Why do you think Moonton pulled Uranus from Mobile Legends? Mobile Legends is a MOBA game that is so popular in Indonesia. No wonder many people play games made by Moonton, a company from China. In Mobile Legends, there are many choices of heroes that can be played by all players. One hundred more heroes in Mobile Legends can be used by the players according to their wishes. That’s right, in Mobile Legends, there are various kinds role chosen according to the needs of your team, starting from Assassins to Tanks Unfortunately user Tanks in Mobile Legends this time must be saddened by Moonton’s decision. That’s right, Moonton just announced to do ban against Uranus. Uranus is arguably one of the strongest and most violent Tank heroes in Mobile Legends. Unfortunately, Uranus recently experienced several technical problems regarding this hero. Through official Mobile Legends announcements sent via mail in-game, Uranus was officially banned from Mobile Legends. The reason is similar, namely related to the gameplay problems of the Tank hero. The reason for Moonton to ban Uranus from Mobile Legends is none other than so that the competitive environment remains fair for all players. It is unfortunate that the technical problems of the Uranus hero actually made him suffer several losses. It can be said that bug, Uranus often stops when using skill first and ultimate-his. If you are curious, you can see the video below: Mobile Legends is also not silent, the ban from Uranus will fix the hero so that he can return to normal. After the repair is complete, Uranus will be available again in Mobile Legends. Right after patch next slide on Mobile Legends. For this problem, Moonton also apologized to all Mobile Legends players wherever they are. Not to forget, Moonton has also prepared a compensation reward after the problem has been fixed later. For user Uranus in Mobile Legends for now may have to be sad because he can’t play his favorite hero. However, you can still use several other Tank heroes who are no less powerful.


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