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MS Fonds is looking for collectors in Aalsmeer

AalsmeerThe national door-to-door collection of the National MS Fund will take place from 28 June to 3 July. The Fund is looking for collectors in Aalsmeer. Do you help in the fight against the nerve-racking disease multiple sclerosis (MS)?

Become a collector

Collectors can choose to collect door-to-door or at home from the bank. The proceeds from the national collection week are essential for the 25,000 people with MS in the Netherlands who have to live every day with a disease that literally destroys their nerves. Research on MS and the fight against MS must therefore continue. Collecting only takes two hours per year. And it is fun too!

Central nervous system disease

MS is a disease of the central nervous system. Because something is wrong in the immune system, the layer around the nerves is attacked and damaged. As a result, signals from and to the brain do not get through (properly), causing paralysis and failure symptoms. In the Netherlands, 25,000 people have MS and around 1,000 people are added every year. The first symptoms usually occur between the ages of 20e in 40e year of life. That makes MS the most debilitating disease among young people.

Research badly needed

There is no cure for MS yet. Researchers do not know how MS develops and how the disease can be cured. Research is therefore desperately needed. The National MS Fund spends the proceeds from the MS Collection Week, among other things, on scientific research into better treatments and a better quality of life for people with MS. More information and registration: www.nationaalmsfonds.nl/collecteren

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