Municipal in Paris: all ecolos!


At eight months of elections, the defense of the environment is the subject in the capital of an impressive consensus … and a competition just as spectacular.

By Denis Cosnard Posted today at 04:53, updated at 04:58

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Demonstration against climate change before the Ministry of Ecology, February 15 in Paris.
Demonstration against climate change before the Ministry of Ecology, February 15 in Paris. JACQUES DEMARTHON / AFP

All eco-friendly! At eight months of the municipal elections, the defense of the environment is the subject of an impressive consensus in Paris … and a competition just as spectacular. Aware of the climate change and the sensitivity of the voters of the capital to these subjects, all the declared candidates or almost want to be the ecology's singers. And everyone promises to do better than others in this area.

In this area, the elected representatives of Europe Ecology-The Greens (EELV) have a historical legitimacy. In 2020, they would love to wear one of theirs at the Hôtel-de-Ville, as part of an alliance with Anne Hidalgo where the balance of power would be reversed compared to today. "It's not a dream anymore," assures David Belliard, the chosen candidate for Paris. Did the list led by Yannick Jadot in the European elections in May not have 19.9% ​​of the vote in the capital, far ahead of that of the Socialist Party?

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But "There is already an ecologist mayor in Paris, it's Anne Hidalgo", affirm the support of the socialist edict, highlighting all the measures taken since 2014, from the closing of the ways on bank to the plan of "Urban refreshment" presented Monday, July 8 to the city council to cope with the heat spikes.

On the agenda, in particular, the creation of four "Urban forests", in front of the Hôtel-de-Ville, behind the Opera, on the forecourt of the Gare de Lyon and on a bank of the Seine. This fall, Parisians will also be invited to "Débitumer" the ground and to plant trees near their home, promises Pénélope Komitès, the assistant in charge of green spaces.

Anne Hidalgo in a paradoxical situation

Ecology is also worn over the shoulder by the classic right that castigates "The shots of com '" of town hall, "DIY that hides a lack of vision badly" and "Does not respond to the climate emergency".

As for the leaders of The Republic in progress (LRM), they too assert themselves greener than green. "I want to be the first ecologist Mayor of Paris", who defends the environment based on science, said Cédric Villani, promising the creation of a post of "Chief ecological advisor". His rival Benjamin Griveaux proposes, him, the setting up of a "Ecological advice" with citizens drawn by lot.


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