Municipal in Paris: still doubts at LREM at the time of the big oral


It is not only high school students struggling with the catch-up bac will spend this Tuesday their big oral. Rue Saint-Anne (II), at the headquarters of the Republic in progress (LREM), three candidates for candidacy for mayor of Paris will scroll one by one, from the beginning of the afternoon, to try to convince the jury of the national commission of investiture (CNI). Who will wear the colors of the party in March 2020 in the capital?

After weeks of feverish thrust, rallies, withdrawals and not always good intentions between Benjamin Griveaux, Cédric Villani and Hugues Renson, this is the moment of truth. Only men, curiously, while the majority has embarked for several days in a campaign of feminization candidates to municipal …

A few hours before this hearing, everyone was preparing Monday the deadline in his own way. By participating in RMC's "Grandes Meules" in the morning for Villani, or by reviewing strategic notes and electoral analyzes on Renson's side. "I go concentrated, but it is not an examination either," says Griveaux for his part playing the card of "serenity", despite the path strewn with thorns that has stood in front of him weeks.

Griveaux "could not gather"

Unofficially backed by the Élysée and Matignon, the former government spokesman must manage a sling that clearly puts the staff of En marche at ease! "Benjamin did not know how to gather as expected. We are embroiled in an internal campaign that could leave traces after, "grumbled a party leader.

Even concern at the Palace, where the subject was even raised Friday by Emmanuel Macron, at a meeting with members of the CNI: "The president still supports Griveaux. But we can clearly see that he is not serene. The tone of this internal campaign does not please him, "said one participant.

Especially since on the side of his two opponents, we continue to denounce these days the legitimacy of the decision process. The closed session of this oral, they would have wanted public – "Everything that is done behind closed doors is necessarily suspect," says Renson – the choice to unveil on Wednesday, the name of the one to be chosen. "" Why rush when we could have used this summer so that everyone can still campaign? Villani denounces.

Will the CNI cut in half?

The former Nobel Prize in mathematics – neck and neck with Griveaux in the polls – is particularly recalled: "More than 800 people came last week to my meeting. I managed to mount it from A to Z in just two weeks, and without any help from the device. Here is a nice answer to those who said that I am not motivated enough for Paris! He confides.

To the point of having scored points at the highest peak of power: "The Villani hypothesis has clearly entered our global scheme. We can not pretend that there is not something around his candidacy, "admits a LREM strategist. As a result, on Tuesday evening, the CNI could decide to decide only halfway, initially retaining two finalists, Benjamin Griveaux and Cédric Villani: "Anything is possible. In any case, it is so uncertain that we will have the greatest difficulty in deciding "admits, almost disappointed, a member of the jury. Result in a few hours … or not.


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