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“My wife, my mother and my sister are in danger of death”

In the Helmet district in Schaerbeek, everyone knows Abdul Moqim Samadi (26 years old). This Afghan political refugee runs a local grocery store. Always smiling, he serves his customers with pleasure. But in recent days, fatigue and anguish can be read on his face.

“My wife left to join my sick mother and my sister in Afghanistan. She arrived on August 12, and on August 15 the Taliban took power. Since then, my family has been stranded and is in great danger of death ”, despairs Abdul Moqim Samadi, who can no longer return to his country of origin on pain of being executed.

At 16, he refused to join the Taliban and fled Afghanistan after his father was executed. He will live through hell to arrive, after a year spent in Turkey, in Belgium in 2013.

>> Her family has lived in terror since the Taliban took power: “If they find out that my wife has a Belgian residence permit, they could kill her. “

>> Abdul Moqim Samadi says: his wife and mother risk a forced marriage if they leave the house.

>> His neighbors are mobilizing for him and launching petitions to help him: “The cause of Abdul Moqim Samadi touches me enormously. “

The online petition garnered more than 1,900 signatures in four days.


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