National 2: "Entente and me, it's a love story! », Says Didier Caignard


Thirteen years later, Didier Caignard (64 years) had a big smile for his return on Monday at the Michel Hidalgo stadium at the resumption of Entente Sannois-Saint-Gratien, relegated to N2. Retired since his departure in 2017 from the Paris League (where he won 3 Regional Cups as coach of the selection in the Paris region in 2012, 2014 and 2016), the coach who has passed the training Val-d'Osien the DH at the gates of the L2 (4th of National in 2005) between 1997 and 2006 is positive for the new season. "Being ambitious, competitive and having fun are the 3 most important things," he told his group during his first talk.

How was this return to the Entente?

DIDIER CAIGNARD. While on vacation, I received a call in early May Christian Fouché (the presidential advisor) who asked me if I was interested in the Agreement. Between this club and me, it's a love story! But, I had 2 conditions to return: the maintenance of the current leaders and guarantees on the ambitions of the club. Once doubts raised, I did not hesitate too much.

What have you been doing for 2 years?

I had a good time but I also attended many games with a detached eye.

"I never lost the flame"

Is not there a risk of coaching again after two years of retirement? There is a big gap between your age and this new generation …

I never lost the flame even though I missed the competition. I had other proposals as head of recruiting a pro club but it was not my thing. For me, football is no longer vital. It's the desire that makes the difference. I have no apprehension.

In general, returns to the fold of player or coach are not often successful …

This idea crossed my mind. Is it reasonable to return? The leaders wanted me to give them a hand. I signed a 2 year contract. We'll see after. The goal is to be competitive again

What was your best memory at the Agreement?

The rise in National and the 3 years spent at this level. We almost got to the L2 in 2005 (4th) but it would have been a poisoned gift because the club was not ready.

"I was fired for a dirty mouth crime"

And the least good?

I had been fired by the leaders of the time (note: Luc Dayan and Marc Mayor) for a crime of dirty mouth. It was not for the results of my team because we were at the time 3 points of the podium. It's a hard experience, it hurts.

Three players, including two substitutes, played in National with the Entente last year. Is not it too fair to be ambitious?

We would have liked to keep some extra players but a relegation always has an impact. The budget of the pennant team goes from 550 000 € to 250 000 €. So we did a recruitment at the height of what we wanted to do with an average age of 23 years. The one who does not move backwards. We must start again. There were 4 relegations last year (the pennant team, the reserve, the U19 and U15), a first in the history of the club since its creation (1999). This is not trivial and proves that a club remains fragile. But, the Entente remains attractive.

A PSG goalkeeper at the Entente

The GSU Agreement formalized Monday the arrival of young goalkeeper Will Cesaire Matimbou (19) from PSG. The player, who played last year with U19 Thiago Motta, was trained in Cergy-Pontoise.


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