NBA: he scores the first three points of his career and receives a standing-ovation


For the unsuspecting viewer, this is a common basket entered in the first quarter of a basketball game. But for followers of the NBA, it's a small feat. For his 172nd game in the North American League, Philadelphia point guard Ben Simmons scored the first three-point basket of his career (in 18 attempts) at the New York reception on Wednesday night.

The Australian was greeted with a standing-ovation by 76ers supporters. "Yes, he did it! Maybe we'll finally leave him alone with that, "said NBC Philadelphia commentator Marc Zumoff.

Often mocked by NBA followers for his clumsiness in the exercise, Ben Simmons worked three-point shooting this summer. He had already scored a first in a friendly pre-season, an achievement celebrated with honors by its partners.

While many basketball fans joked about his "feat" in the win against New York (109-104), the player's sister called them on Twitter "to shut up". His last successful three-point shot went back to his university period, more than three years ago.


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