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Nearly 6 in 10 French people play video games at least once a week

published on Tuesday 23 November 2021 at 10:15 p.m.

Some 38 million French people have played at least once a year and more than three out of four parents play it with their children, reveals a study by the professional union in the sector.

The French are more and more adepts of video games. According to a study * carried out for the Syndicate of leisure software publishers (Sell) and released on Tuesday 23 November, nearly 3 in 4 French people (73%) play video games at least occasionally.

The proportion of people who have played at least once a year has increased by two points over one year, which represents some 38 million individuals, according to this survey carried out by the Médiamétrie institute.

The share of regular players, who practice at least once a week, jumped 6 points to settle at 58%, or nearly six in ten French people. These players are 53% male and 47% female and are on average 38 years old.

“The year 2021 is doing even better than 2020”, a year when the rise of video games had been favored by the Covid-19 pandemic and the confinements, summarizes with theAFP the general delegate of Sell, Nicolas Vignolles. “Not only are more of them playing, but the people who are playing are spending more and more time.“, he continues. Children in particular see their weekly playing time (calculated over the 7 rolling days preceding the survey) rise to 7.1 hours. This remains stable for adults at 5.4 hours. .

“It’s a media that is exploding, with a strong community aspect. We connect to find friends and play with them,” also underlines Nicolas Vignolles. Thereby, 61% of gamers say that video games allow them to socialize and a third, especially the youngest, feel they belong to a community. This aspect is set to develop with the expected arrival of the metaverse, the virtual universes promoted by Facebook and other web giants.

The family dimension is also present, since 77% of parents now say they play with their children, or 11 points more compared to 2020. Seven out of ten parents also state that they supervise their children’s practice by choosing with them the games they can play, by advising against certain games or by staying next to them when they are playing. . Almost half of them (48%) also say they know and use parental control systems, compared to 37% in 2020 and 32% in 2019.

A sign that video games still remain an activity of individual relaxation, even solitary, so-called “casual” games (boards, cards, puzzles) on mobile and platform games, where an avatar must move in a two-dimensional environment while avoiding obstacles, are the most popular, especially by women.

* Médiamétrie survey carried out on the internet from September 6 to 27 with a sample of 4,016 people aged at least 10 years.

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