Netflix earns 8.8% less so far this year and captures a smaller number of subscribers than expected


The live entertainment platform Netflix reported last night a profit of 614.7 million dollars so far this year, 8.8% less than in the same period of 2018. A figure in which it has been able to influence that the increase in customers was almost half of what was expected during the last quarter and that led to the stock falling 12% on the Nasdaq.

Specifically, between January and June, the company based in Los Gatos (California, USA) has entered 9,444 million dollars, above the 7,608 million invoiced in the first six months of the previous year, but has seen an increase your marketing, administration and development expenses.

All this, added to the sudden slowdown in the number of new subscribers, has thinned the Netflix profits and made its shareholders pocketed in the first half of the year $ 1.41 per share, compared to the 1.55 earned in the same period of last year.

Since January, the audiovisual content production company has reached 12.3 million subscribers worldwide, but the data that eclipsed all others in the last session on Wall Street was the second quarter (April to June) , which has closed with 2.7 million new customers, almost half of the 5 million expected by the company.

This figure is also significantly below the 5.5 million subscriptions achieved in the second quarter of 2018, and is a sharp drop compared to the 9.6 million new customers the company captured in the winter period (January to March).

Apparent optimism
Despite the bad data, Netflix has maintained optimistic expectations for the next quarter, in which it expects to obtain 7 million new subscribers, above the 6.1 million achieved in the third quarter of 2018.

The company has partially justified the failure of its future calculations precisely because of the "success" obtained three months ago, on understanding that many customers would have advanced their purchase decision from spring to winter and therefore the good numbers from January to March would be partly responsible for the fall between April and June.

The explanation did not finish convincing to the investors in Wall Street, and in the electronic operations after the closing of the parquet New Yorkers the shares of Netflix fell 12,1% until the 318,34 dollars by title. . (tagsToTranslate) results (t) netflix


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