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New Apple headphones let you eavesdrop on a conversation in another room

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Apple AirPods wireless headphones offer a useful feature that helps in cases of hearing impairment. But it’s also useful for eavesdropping; Therefore, the reactions of the public to it varied.

Live Listen was launched with the launch of iOS 12. According to Apple, you can use AirPods to turn your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch into a speaker that sends sounds to your AirPods.

The site states that “Live Listen helps you listen to a talk in a noisy environment, or even hear someone talking on the other side of the room.”

This feature is primarily designed to benefit the hard of hearing.

Lets you hear what’s happening in another room

However, some users pointed out on Twitter and Reddit that it also means that Apple users can listen to a conversation taking place in another room as long as their iPhone is in that room, they have AirPods, and Live Listen is turned on.

One person wrote on Twitter: “If you have AirPods you can press the ‘Activate’ button for ‘Live Listen’ and leave your phone in the room with someone, and you will be able to hear what they have to say. thank me later”.

Once the loudspeaker is turned on, its sensitivity to pick up more or less sounds can be controlled.

Twitter users expected that this feature – which was popular after it was not widely known – would be a milestone in the history of eavesdropping.

Another user wrote: “Live Listen on iPhones connected to AirPods will cause some problems.”

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