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News from Spain today Friday, January 14, 2022

Third dose already for almost everyone. Even the fourth arrives. We cling to the only option: to vaccinate. Check below the latest news today in Spain.

All adults will have access to the third dose

The Ministry of Health has announced that the vaccination of the booster dose is being extended, which until now was only given to those aged 40. There will be a fourth vaccination for the immunosuppressed and the Spanish nasal vaccine registers positive advances.

The incidence continues to rise but at a slower rate

The incidence does not stop rising although it does so more slowly. In the last 24 hours, 112 people have died from covid and there are 159,000 new infections. Hospital pressure leads to install beds, again, in the gyms of some hospitals. In Catalonia, more children than ever have entered this sixth wave.

Shortage of blood in transfusion centers

There is a lack of blood, it is one of the collateral effects of this latest wave of the coronavirus. The transfusion centers ensure that we are approaching a critical situation. Christmas and the thousands of covid infections have reduced blood reserves to alarming levels.

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