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LANDOVER, Md. – The Jets are a second direct game Sunday, a 34-17 victory over the Redskins, and are now 3-7. Here are some ideas and comments on the game:

1. When I looked at the “Sunday Night Football” game between the Rams and Bears, I thought about the story of the season about how Adam Gase could have been Sam Darnold in Sean McVay's second season with Jared Goff. and Matt Nagy that Mck Trubisky is their second respective seasons. These teams were very successful with their new coach / QB marriages. It didn't work that way for the jets.

But Sunday signs were that this marriage could operate. Darnold played one of his best games as a pro, and he spent four landings and showed a lot of control over the game. This is the seventh game of Darnold and Gase together and it is a work in progress that has been delayed by Darnold's bout with a mono early in the season.

One thing we consider outside is the intensity of football that a new coach can install. When you think about it, it makes a lot of understanding. Normally, if a team has a new coach it is a bad team and that is why a coaching change has been made. This results not only in turnover with coaches but also the roster. So now a group of people are getting to know each other and trying to learn a new system.

There are increased pains at the Jets, especially for proportions. But they are not alone. Eight coaching teams changed after last season. Only one person win – the Packers at 8-2. Matt LaFleur has the advantage of Aaron Rodgers, a 35-year-old back-row who is one of the best ever. Everyone else is struggling as the Jets – these are Browns (4-6), Broncos (3-7), Buccaneers (3-7), Cardinals (3-7) and Europes (0-10) all want to find their way.

Darnold started turning the corner after the Jaguars game last month when he met Gase and told him what he liked and disliked. Until then, Darnold wanted to satisfy his new coach by attempting to execute just what is called. The owner has now taken ownership of the offense and the results are shown. He played better in the game against the Dolphins, but was under the shadow of the target line intercept. Over the past two weeks, it was like a fourth quarter.

Unlike McVay / Goff or Nagy / Trubisky, Gase / Darnold did not succeed quickly, but has been promising for the past two weeks. We should look at the other two dose and the difficulties they are now facing as a reminder that this is not a straight line. Even if Darnold and Gase starts rolling out some good games, there will be rock moments ahead.

2. It is easy to dismiss what you saw on Sunday from the Jets by saying, “Yes, but it was against the Redskins.” I get it. Washington is very serious. However, I think the Jets made a statement about how they managed the game. They were never in danger of losing the game and did what you should do against a smaller opponent.

Now they get a 6-4 Raiders team at home. If the Jets want to believe that they have turned the corner, win this game. Oakland is good, not a must. They are flying to East to 1 to play. a game that has traditionally caused the West Coast teams to have trouble. This is a great game.

The Jets are not going to the playoffs, but they can show progress over the past six weeks and put in the feeling of the season as the arrow is taking up. A victory over the Raiders would make great progress on both counts.

3. He hardly rushed at the time, but Ryan Griffin's signature at the Jets is the most intense this year. On Sunday Sunday, Griffin had taken 109 yards of yards and scored the fourth best of the team in the season.

The Jets Griffin signed on 22 July, a few days before the training camp. He was seen as “keep the fort” until Chris Herndon returned from his four-game suspension. Griffin is way more than that. It is the most consistent aggressive player for him.

Griffin spent his first six seasons with the Texans, but Houston cut him in May after arrest during the NFL Festival in Nashville. Griffin is alleged to have broken a hotel window and suffered vandalism and public drunkenness. The case was subsequently dismissed.

Griffin is now Darnold's best goal and has played a critical role in the victory on Sunday. The Jets did a lot of splash at this season. There was little attention to it that was so important.

4. An injury to the hip might have affected Alabama's quarterback Around Tagovailoa on the jets in the next spring draft. No, the Jets are not in the market for a fourth quarter, but the jets figure will be drafting somewhere between 5-10 if they hit a few more games this season. They will be on the market for a best linear attack man, a driving pass or a back road most likely.

If Tagovailoa now breaks out of the top 10, it is the fourth quarter that is being taken at the top of the draft and another QB is not on board. So, the Jets could now get to grips with the best combat because teams would not tend to make up and fourth quarters if they believe that Tagovailoa could slip them or not even win it. Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert should still be picked up at the top of the draft, but the Jets may now see a set of goals for their goals rather than trading back to a team looking for a team.

Sta exposed: The Jets scored eight offensive drugs in the last two games against the Men's and Red Guards. They scored eight in their first eight games. The offense is failure and feasting of bad defenses.

Surprised snap count: LB Brandon Copeland only made 15 beats in the game. Copeland is dealing with a hip injury, so maybe he had a role. The Neville Hewitt Jets also got back, moving Copeland back to the outside liner. However, it was surprising to see him playing so little after playing so much in recent weeks.

Game ball: Jamal Adams could get it again for his three bags, but Darnold spent four career factions and he seems to have returned to his own old man. Give this one to Darnold.

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