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Nintendo will bring Game Boy games to the Switch

We may see the classic Game Boy and Game Boy Color games coming to the Nintendo Switch Online platform, according to reports.

Nate the Hate, Nintendo Life, and Eurogamer have all reported on Nintendo’s plans to bring some iconic games from its mobile platform past to its latest console in the near future. (According to Eurogamer, “more vintage platforms are on the planning table, too,” but none have been mentioned yet.)

Nintendo Switch Online is Nintendo’s rival service to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. This subscription is essential for playing online, and offers some social benefits, in addition to access to a number of custom games. The only difference between it and other services is that they offer those free games from the Nintendo list alone.

What the Nintendo Switch Online brings right now are a few games that were originally released for the NES in addition to the SNES. Although this service is not competitive, Nintendo is constantly adding new games for both platforms.

Eurogamer also talked about Nintendo including entry for high-profile NES games on Switch Online in September 2018, while SNES titles came in September 2019, so it makes sense to expand those free games on the service’s third birthday.


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