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No Boong! These are 6 Money-Making Applications, You Can Direct Money

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Technology offers a lot to users. No exception can make money through the application.

These applications can be found easily on the Play Store and App Store. The search is only with the keyword ‘money making application’.

Some apps can earn money by giving the user a number of missions. Starting from games to download and play other applications.

You can monitor ratings and comments for reference if you want to use them. The following is a list of applications, quoted by CNBC Indonesia from various sources, Wednesday (27/10/2021:

1. Cash Step

This app is on the Google Play Store. You can monitor activity and physical progress, as well as record the number of rare feet.

Cash Step will give coins to its users with 10 coins is Rp1. In order to be exchanged, you must collect 100 thousand coins which are worth Rp. 10 thousand and can be exchanged for cash or phone bills.

2. App Karma

Users can play games in it and earn money. Prizes can be exchanged for cash via Paypal or giftcards from Amazon, Walmart, Target, Google, iTunes, Xbox Live and PlayStation.

3. Cash for Apps

Prizes will be awarded to users who download applications in the list. Users will earn points, with 300 points equal to US$1.

4. Cash Pop

Cash Pop provides many missions for users to earn money from chatting, browsing, listening to music, playing games, social media and watching videos. The application provides prizes in the form of credit, data quota, e-wallet, vouchers, streaming services, groceries and movie tickets.

5. WhatsAround

If you like photography, this application might suit you. Because you will be asked to download photos and get prizes to be exchanged at stores such as Amazon, App Store and Play Store.

6. Tick

For Tiktok how to make money is a bit different from other applications. You need to be a content creator and upload it on that platform. Forbes writes that users must create their own branding and upload content according to the market’s wishes. Users also need to understand the market and create and upload quality content.

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