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No preventive confinement before Christmas, announces Olivier Véran


What will happen at the end of October (date of the All Saints holidays, editor’s note) depends on what we will do in the coming days and weeks
», Declared the minister, interviewed Sunday in Le Grand Jury RTL-Le Figaro-LCI.

If the circulation of the virus increases and it is not slowed down, if we do not put all the necessary means to slow down its circulation, well this endangers our health system and the French themselves
“, he added.

Regarding the proposal of the two Nobel laureates in economics, Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo, to establish a national confinement on the first 20 days of December to allow the French to find their families during the holidays, Olivier Véran believes that this scenario is ” of the order of prediction ”.

I do not plan to in two months to plan on the comet
», Declared the Minister. “
I project myself day by day with my batteries of figures (…), feedback from the field, in order to offer the French the safest path so that (…) they can spend family celebrations in good conditions. It will not go through an early confinement of three weeks

We do not want to completely stop the economic, social, cultural, sporting, family life of the French. This is why we take decisions which are adapted to the gravity of the moment ”and which are“ territorialized
He defended.

Thus, since this week, the Aix-Marseille metropolis and Guadeloupe have been placed in the maximum alert zone, a classification which is accompanied by very restrictive measures (including the total closure of bars and restaurants for two weeks). Eleven other cities, including Paris, are in a heightened alert zone, again with restrictive measures but less than in the “maximum” zone.

A late flu?

Olivier Véran has also urged the nursing staff to “
protect themselves and their patients
»By getting vaccinated against the flu from October 13, start date of the vaccination campaign.

We have a target
” who is from “
protect all so-called priority audiences from influenza
“, Ie 17 million French people: sick, elderly, caregivers to prevent them from contaminating patients – the Minister recalled.

“Usually we are below 50% of target, unfortunately. WHO considers that it would be necessary to be at 75% of the target to be fully effective, ”he warned.

Make vaccination compulsory for these categories? The minister is there “
not refractory
»But it is« extremely complicated to coerce ».

It is unnecessary to be vaccinated before the start of the campaign, otherwise it will lose effectiveness., he warned.


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