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On the automatic car transmission lever there is an overdrive button, what does it do?

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Some types of automatic cars have an overdrive feature, which is placed in the form of a button around the transmission lever. In general, this feature is useful when the car is about to overtake or is on an uphill road.

The overdrive button is usually marked with the ‘O/D’ logo, which when pressed it will turn off. So under normal circumstances, overdrive is actually active.

Hermas Efendi Prabowo, owner of a Worner Matic specialist workshop, said that when pressed this feature will display the ‘O/D Off’ symbol on the instrument screen or MID (Multi Information Display).

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The difference and function of the automatic car transmission lever

“The main function of overdrive is to limit the gearshift acceleration system,” said Hermas, to Kompas.com some time ago.

“This means that the transmission does not work with all available gear ratios. For example, in a 4-speed car, the transmission only works up to the third gear ratio,” he said.

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Technically, when the overdrive is Off, the maximum transmission speed will be the same as the engine speed.

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KOMPAS.com / Stanly Illustration of overtaking.

Meanwhile, if the overdrive is left in the On condition, aka not pressed, the transmission speed will be greater than the engine speed.

However, when deactivating overdrive, the consequence is that fuel consumption becomes more wasteful. Because with an automatic transmission that holds the transmission in a maximum of 3 gears, the engine speed will roar higher.

On the other hand, the torque of the car is getting bigger. No wonder if the use of overdrive is ideally turned off when it requires power or large turns to push the car while on an incline or when overtaking.

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The road is uphill and broken.Agung Kurniawan The road is uphill and broken.

Meanwhile, when driving normally, such as on a toll road, it is better to deactivate it in order to get better fuel consumption, up to a higher speed.

Meanwhile, when the car faces a steep incline or is stuck in traffic with creeping road conditions, it is better not to just press the overdrive button. But the shift lever must be lowered to position 2 or 1.

That way, the car’s torque will be greater and make the engine lighter on the terrain.


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