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online class: forgot to turn off camera; Student having sex during an online class; Video on social media

The lifestyle of everyone changed after the world was gripped by the Kovid epidemic. Many jobs have shifted from office-to-work to work-from-home. Education also came online. In the meantime, many mistakes made between online classes and meetings were news. During the meeting, some people came in unexpectedly and talked about private moments without turning off the mic. Now the mistake made by a student in Vietnam is being discussed on social media and international media. The student was sexually assaulted without turning off the camera during an online class.

The accident happened to a university student

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A student in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam had sex with his partner during an online class. He knew the class was going on but he did not know his camera was on. This is what became Vina. The incident came to the fore after someone recorded footage of a student during an online class and circulated it on social media.

The teacher says that the student is the same in the classroom

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The lecturer says he was shocked to see a student having sex during an online class. The student would have a close relationship with his girlfriend in the actual classroom. He is now having sex in an online class. The English news channel News18 reported that the teacher said.

I knew the camera was on when the teacher intervened

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The student spent time with his partner, unaware that his camera was on. He made the mistake when he was shot by a professor who saw him. He immediately got dressed and switched off the camera. A local newspaper quoted him as saying that he had apologized to his teacher and classmates shortly after the incident.

The incident was confirmed by the university

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University officials have also confirmed the news of a student’s mistake during an online class. Authorities also reminded students to be disciplined and behave appropriately when attending online classes. Authorities have requested that the video not be shared with more people. Social media has described this as a similar mistake made by a student sharing his friend’s private moments with another during an online class last year.


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