Paris: Police relief called for a depilation of the jersey that goes wrong


It is a hairy and summer story that will remain in the annals of the police headquarters. And who chokes the overworked police officers. The file should be back in the hands of the judges at the district court (XVII).

Three peacekeepers intervened

Saturday, late afternoon, a manager of a beauty institute, "in distress", called the 17 (Police Rescue) for a dispute of hair order with a client. It is the police station of the 15th arrondissement that inherited the case.

A crew of three civil servants, summoned to intervene any ceasing business, thus landed at 18:43, bullet-proof vest and Sig sauer at the belt, at Beauty Mademoiselle, rue Mademoiselle, in the Cambronne district (XV), an institute specialized in Oriental waxing with sugar.

There, in a setting of orchids on the counter, of pink armchair and in scents of hot wax, the three guardians of peace found themselves between the manager and her young client Cindy *, 22, in full turbulence.

Redness in the private parts

Originally, Cindy wanted a depilation of the full shirt. Given its hairy composition, "very short hairs," says a source close to the record, the manager would have advised against him. The customer would have insisted. The manager has released her wax strips for … a result consistent with her concerns. "The client was taken with redness in her private parts," says the same source. Cindy then asked for a discount on the service at 40 euros. The two women quarreled.

"The manager has found nothing better to do than offer police officers to see the work done," strangles a source at the police headquarters. "Chief, what do we do? Asked one of the peacekeepers, in a moment of loneliness. "Having no female staff, the finding will not happen," concludes a police officer.

The dispute in court

Kevin and his colleagues turned on their heels, exactly 37 minutes later, not without having sought the advice of the judicial police officer on duty this weekend who was also taking care of the Yellow Vests demonstration. a record of drug trafficking and police custody.

The instruction was to summon Cindy to pay the 40 euros. The young woman obeyed but warned. She takes the "commercial dispute" of her complete shirt removal … to the magistrate court of Paris.

* The first names have been changed.


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