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Patriots Bill Belichick refuses to discuss discussion


Kevin Allen, Henry McKenna, USA TODAY Sports Network

Published 12:39 p.m. ET September 11, 2019 Updated 1:53 p.m. ET September 11, 2019


SportsPulse: USA TODAY Sports Nancy Armor takes note of the latest play associated with Antonio Brown and why he is shaping the year that should be a celebration of the NFL.

FOXBOROUGH, Mass – New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick would not suggest whether the receiver Antonio Brown would be playing in the game Patriots Sunday at Miami during a shortened press conference on Wednesday.

Belichick insisted that Brown, accused in a civil jurisdiction of rape and sexual assault by his former trainer, would practice on Wednesday, but said that the story would be "one day at a time, just as we always do."

"We looked at the story and we are very serious," Belichick said.

Brown, through his lawyer, rejected the allegations.

Shortly after the press conference, Brown was with the team when he met the field of practice. Reporters are allowed to watch for a limited period.

No jumper. 1 wearing a Brown. His normal number, 84, is owned by Ben Watson, who is suspended. No No. 1 in a game because the numbering policy of the series restricts wide receivers to 10-19 or 80-89.

Belichick opened his weekly press conference by speaking about Miami. But when he came to ask questions, they were all about the controversial wide receiver officially announced Monday after the Raiders were releasing it Saturday.

When he was pressed, Belichick refused to elaborate on what the team was doing about Brown.

"I will not expand on any of those," he said, referring to statements from Brown's attorney. "They are what they are. We are very serious with the whole organization.

"I am sure there are questions but there is no discussion about that today. … We are working on Miami."


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