Pension reform: a "citizen dialogue" that is debating


The government will launch this autumn a new "citizen consultation" on its pension reform project, presented as a "pedagogical exercise", but that its opponents already criticize as a "communication process".

"The organization is not yet fixed", but "there will be a citizen consultation" on pension reform, said Agnès Buzyn Wednesday.

After the report of Jean-Paul Delevoye on this reform, "it is necessary that people can react," said the Minister of Solidarities and Health.

In mid-July, the High Commissioner for Pension Reform presented his recommendations for the "universal system" by points promised by Emmanuel Macron to replace the forty existing plans. The result of 18 months of discussions with unions and employers … but also a first "citizen consultation" conducted last year.

Age of departure, survivor's pensions, contributions, family law … "We are waiting for the return of our fellow citizens on the proposals that have been made," added Ms. Buzyn, indicating that it could "be done on the internet, in town halls , via associations, or unions (which) can also consult their bases "and that the details would be known" probably in a week ".

"Rather early September," tempered the entourage of the Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, the idea being "to be inspired in a way of what was done during the great debate."

Emmanuel Macron, who had promised a "new method" in April in response to the movement of yellow vests, Wednesday displayed a desire for "proximity and humility" to reform "more with the French than for them". "In the method, we must succeed in including the French more," he said.

"The modalities and timetable remain to be specified," admits the office of Ms. Buzyn, while stressing that the executive had "recorded the principle" of this consultation and that the objective was to "launch in September".

– "pedagogy" –

The conduct should again come back to Mr Delevoye, whose mission is officially "to organize the consultation with the main players in the field of pensions".

"We are well advanced in terms of our reflections," says one in his team, where it is estimated that after the "participatory workshops" of the first citizen consultation in autumn 2018, "the least things it is to return to the French with our report ".

It will be the opportunity of a "exercise of pedagogy" life-size, to "measure the understanding of what has been proposed" and "go up concerns," according to the same source.

This work should be articulated with the other consultation, that of the social partners, which will resume with great fanfare on 5 and 6 September in Matignon.

"I see a positive side (…) maybe our arguments and that the government realizes that it will not go without saying," said the secretary general Force Ouvrière, Yves Veyrier, Wednesday on LCI.

But the union leader "tends to think we are in a process of communication, again" and warns that "if it is to drown the fish it will not work".

On the side of the CFDT, the national secretary Frédéric Sève assures to have "nothing against" the "citizen consultation", especially "if it is to give scale to the debate".

The union, which intends to "put back on the table" some topics such as "hardship, phased retirement and low pensions", however, does not "that this is the excuse to start from scratch".

"For us, the starting point of any discussion is the Delevoye report," he summarizes.


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