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Pentahelix: Is It Still Relevant for Nutrition Education? All pages

Recently The Indonesian Breastfeeding Mothers Association (AIMI) has released a contact contact that accommodates reports of violations of marketing of breast milk substitutes and their derivatives.

This is a very sad thing considering that we have a health law that specifically mentions the protection of the breastfeeding process (Law No. 36/2009 article 200-201), a government regulation that specifically prohibits the involvement of health workers in the promotion of formula milk (PP no. 33/2012 article 17) and the Minister of Health which regulates these regulations in detail (Permenkes No.15/2014 article 2,6,7).

Not many understand, even the top brass – that the protection of the breastfeeding process is regulated by an international code that is 40 years old, as a decision of the World Health Assembly.

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Protecting the breastfeeding process is not just an appeal about exclusive breastfeeding and the recommendation to breastfeed children up to the age of 2 years or more, but also provides strict regulations on things that can interfere with this process. The disturbance is not far from the ‘rival’ of breast milk itself: formulas made by people.

So great is the promotion and sales work of a giant multinational industry with a turnover of trillions of rupiah, that it can make mothers feel inferior and parents feel guilty if they ‘don’t buy’ their babies milk.

Even in the field, when mothers have problems giving breast milk or even their babies are underweight at the age where they should still get exclusive breast milk, formula milk becomes a shortcut priority.

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Not infrequently the advocates are health workers. Health workers who are not trained competently to be able to improve the attachment of mother and baby so that the baby suckles optimally, not ‘pushing’ the nipple, to be able to support the nutrition of mothers who are breastfeeding so that they have enough calories.

Natural things that are much easier to do and make sense than sewing a torn wound or installing a birth control spiral.

While it is no longer an open secret, the industry is diligent in donating behind seminars with ‘educational’ frills to give open gratifications. No article was ignored. Harassed yes. Because all the rules are broken.

Starting from direct promotions with free products to target consumers in public places to ‘sponsorship’ in the academic realm, nutritional and social health programs, support for donations of medical equipment to donations during the pandemic.

Less royal what? Who could be so generous, in this hectic era?

There are even mothers who have given birth immediately given a complete ‘gift’ from ‘breastfeeding mother’s milk’ to milk for their babies.

A horrifying contradiction: mothers are fed milk as if their breasts were full to be able to breastfeed – while the baby was lured with formula.

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shutterstock Illustration of expressed breast milk, mother’s milk, the benefits of breastfeeding for newborns.

It doesn’t stop there, the mother’s phone number could be in the hands of marketing people who repeatedly chase like debt collectors.

Once the marketing code is breached, cross-marketing is inevitable. Formula milk, growth milk, packaged baby food products, to milk bottles and pacifiers that make babies nipple confusion and mothers cry for days because their children refuse to breastfeed directly.

It is ironic to see the fact that mothers pump their own milk at home, for the sake of their babies who only want to drink from bottles and pacifiers.

Protecting the breastfeeding process isn’t just formula milk anymore. But all things related.

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The lure of practical ways to solve problems without the need to think, let alone fulfill their obligations as parents, finally entered practical food when the baby entered the age of consuming solid food.

Complementary foods for breast milk are not worthy of being called that if what is accompanied is actually formula milk. It is also often misinterpreted as a ‘substitute’ food for breast milk when the trend of early MPASI is viral in cyberspace.

Not infrequently, the health workers also quote the words of several child specialists who say that packaged complementary foods are a solution for mothers who want to stay sane.

It’s as if learning to prepare simple food for the baby itself, which is taken from the family menu, makes women go crazy and everywhere has to measure and weigh their baby’s food ingredients like carpenters or carbitan nutritionists.

Whereas in the field of ‘cheap’ packaging powder, various brands and castes are enlivened. There is no guarantee that the baby is gasping without scalding. Not to mention if you are constipated.

Once again, in today’s society, young mothers are afraid of vegetables as the cause of constipation. And fruit is better to skip because it doesn’t make the baby plump.

In pursuit of a luminous figure, the world of baby food trade is enlivened by various bottles and cute packaging containing various oils, cheeses and ‘unsalted butter’.

A sad phenomenon is learned through today’s influencers, who are actually just product endorsers.

The pink book of the national guide “Maternal and Child Health” is completely unread, piled up neatly that is only taken when the baby is immunized and weighed.

And in the book, it is not written at all about the various exciting accessories that young mothers chased all the way to remote Kalimantan and coastal villages in Java ‘for the sake of their babies being healthy and fat’.

In fact, instead of the baby actually being of sufficient weight, anemia and unattainable height persist.

The problems above are too complicated, which make it even more difficult for Indonesia to deal with malnutrition and stunting.

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Lima stake holders known as the pentahelix, namely the government, society, academics/experts, media and business actors in reality do not place humans as goals in themselves.

Rather, it is on interest – which is always polished with charitable and ‘scientific evidence-based’ jargons.

Public education and the role of the media should not be questioned. Nutrition cannot be taught with honesty and interest-free, so behind every education there is still an industry sponsor.

Experts will stutter to explain with open knowledge. Therefore, almost all experts and professionals will seek safety with the occasional words, in moderation, balanced with vegetables and fruit – as if consuming any packaged product that is unhealthy or fried can be ‘neutralized’ with the intake of vegetables and fruit.

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And our condition is getting worse instead of getting better. The wrong understanding of nutritional intake and practicality of life has made this country a packaged eater.

Our fresh vegetables and fruits are exported to other countries. Similarly, we sell tons of mackerel and grouper and anchovies whose calcium exceeds milk. For the sake of money. And the money is to buy milk and packaged products that are eaten.

Because at school they are not taught anything about what healthy food looks like. Even in the family, children eat alone as if isolated, their parents are not examples and role models for a real healthy eating pattern.

Because his mother’s father was blind about nutrition. They learn through advertising and what influencers say on social media.

It is no longer appropriate and very embarrassing, if the parents work overtime to ‘buy the children’s milk’.

Let’s put the rules where they belong. That formula milk is a special milk that is calculated by a formula. Create special needs. Therefore, a doctor’s prescription is needed.

Likewise, packaged complementary foods are needed at an unavoidable time, not because the mother chooses a side job and neglects the family’s food.

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